Please bring back PvP servers

Blizzard, please bring back PvP servers. Servers not CRZ’d with others.

There’s a player base out there for this type of game. Just make the game like you normally do for PvE, and then turn on PvP. You don’t have to balance for it.

Then put a notice when someone chooses to play on the server, that it is at their discretion to play on a PvP server, PvP interactions are not monitored, and no transfers to or from will be available.

I miss my home.

Edit: Replaced merged with CRZ’d.


How come? You don’t have to play it.


I do if I want to get into high end PvP and every PvP guild chooses to play there.


Ya, dozens of them are waiting their return.
I played in pvp servers exclusively, the vast majority of them was incredible one sided aside very few exceptions such as ED, which wasnt exactly goign strong aroudn legion either. I have seen more world pvp during bfa than pvp servers since wrath lol.
Warmode also let people play out of a pvp server if they choose too, overall it was a great improvement imo let it on when i want more action and let it off if my time is short, a shame blizzard didnt made lots of Wpvp quests like bfa had.


Stay in warmode and imagine you are on one. Problem solved!


Why should everyone else who wants to be on a PvP server be denied that desire just because “you might want to play pvp someday and you don’t want them all on a PvP server”

Talk about entitled.


Angry griefers.


Turn on War Mode. Congrats, you’re now on a PvP server! Have fun!


Why can’t you just opt into Warmode? Talk about entitled.


You guys should settle this outside the gates of Org.


It wouldn’t hurt to have a few. Question is, new toons only or let anyone transfer their toons there?
I think they should be closed server with new toons only. The things you have acquired on a normal server wouldn’t be so easy to get on a pvp server. Sha of anger would be a barrel of fun. And make darkmoon faire a pvp zone, if your faction cant hold it, good luck doing anything there.


Warmode is not the same.
Spontaneous PvP that sparks wars is the best. There’s too many players coming and going, no one can get reputations or know each other, players shouldn’t be turning on and off PvP because it’s a dangerous world and…

The biggest problem with warmode …given the choice, people always choose the path of least resistance, which means they turn off warmode until they’re overpowered and outgear most people.


That’s more what I was hoping for. Good insight.


Yeah not near enough people with warmode on for it to be even a remotely decent replacement for PvP servers.


War mode is much better. Everyone who wants to play pvp can choose to do so whenever they wish, or they can turn it off if they are getting griefed or want to play without pvp. They can still play with their friends on the same server. It would be regression to return to pvp servers, I think they should just get rid of the war mode bonuses so everyone who plays in war mode is there because they like pvp.

I’m just going to say it. Do you want to gank people? Are you upset that people who you’re ganking can turn off war mode and enjoy their game away from you?


This is not a return to PvP servers for most ppl. But there are people like me who don’t play retail any more because my game play is gone. I’ve tried warmode, it’s okay, but not the same.

In my view, warmode was made for PvE players to come and go. To get them their scratch for that PvP itch before they turn it off again.


No. My server was alliance side dragonmaw. We were outnumbered 4 to 1. My wife and I would quest alongside horde all the time, until one attacked us. Then it was game on.
I’ve always been too soft hearted to attack someone unprovoked.


No thanks, never again. I delt with that bs on my old account back when the onyxia server was pvp. Level 70s to 80s ganking and camping me outside taren mill, in storm peaks, wherever.

I refuse to deal with that again nor do i wish that upon anyone else. It made my first mmo experience godawful and damn near made me quit entirely. Only reason I stayed was because my father was the one who got me into the mmo setting.

Im fine with cross realm and im fine not having pvp servers. Cross realm is a million times better than megaservers and if people want pvp theres always warmode or bgs.


Unless you played on emerald dream, what fun could you have on one sided realms?