Please add more Flightpath Heirlooms

Can we please get some for ALL continents? Can be a decent goldsink.
QoL improvement all around.


Let’s also get the Flight Master’s Whistle not only working in Shadowlands but all of WoW.


Good point!

While you are adding this in, how about also adding in heirloom bags as well. Thanks.

How many slots should those have? :thinking:

Not the max slots of bags so the crafters can still make money but high enough to make the heirloom worth the trouble. I’m thinking 28 slots.


They already said in the 9.1.5 development notes they’re adding heirloom flight maps to the vendor for the rest of the expansions in 9.1.5.

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I thought I saw this but forgot where!

  • Heirloom Scouting Maps that instantly explore all areas and grant all viable flight paths to your alt are now available for all expansions (was only Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms).
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They did?! wow I must have missed that!

For the whole game? I’d pay gold for it.

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