Playing WoW on US from the Netherlands, question

Hello there!
So this might be a bit of a random, and maybe stupid question, but; I’m entirely new to the game and wanted to play WoW in US, I’m from the Netherlands but my friend plays on US.

Idk if there anyone in the same situation as me-- but I wanted to ask, if I were to buy a gametime card here, would I be able to use it in the shop to sub to the game? Or is there any other way that I’d be able to sub to the game? Using my debit card doesn’t work, since I can’t input my card number. And the only option besides that is to link my PayPal with my creditcard. Which I’d rather not, but I just wondered if I had any other options.

Sorry if this was a silly question, but thank you in advance!

I believe as long the gametime card is for NA account and you redeem it for your NA license you should be good to go. I would just make sure the gamecard is delivered digitally and and somewhere in the product description it says it’s for na account. Hope this works out for ya.