Playing a black human Experience

Now let me be clear this ain’t a complaint thread I’m just interested in the experience of other Colored players who use their skin tone ingame and also explaining mine. So I for one was incredibly excited to finally not be forced to play a white human male, not that I have an issue with it but I prefer to use my own skin color. But there’s always a little bad in the good, after I started using this skin color ingame i started experiencing more toxicity and racism but it also doesn’t help that I play on an incredibly toxic server and when I’m bored I’m in goldshire and anyone with knowledge of moonguard… yeah lol. I know only of 3 Colored players in WoW and they continue using the paler skin tones because the heat it brings. It’s rare to see another black human toon for that reason. There have times where I’m hanging out with friends and lvl 1 toon with part of my name will come up to me shouting BLM!!! Or a racial slur and a bunch of other things that has to do with my race. I’d have debates with other players and they’d derail it by saying something stupid like “ shut up you’re black” or “ I’m your master you listen to me”. I’ve had experienced some pretty nutty racism ingame but I report and move on, the racism’s never really bothered me I’m not one to let a bunch of randoms on the internet get under my skin. So, if any Colored player that uses their skin tone in game how do things go for you?.

P.S I’m typing this on a phone so sorry for the huge wall of text !.



This is the reason, don’t go there. Anybody with any sanity will lose it there.


This isn’t a complaint thread, I know what I’m getting myself into being there but a lot of my friends also hang out there.

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Not to sound skeptical or cynical, but do you have screen shots of these events you’re talking about?


No it was actually a legitimate post and I was curious to other African American players experience. It’s pretty sad though that’s the first thing you jump to, says a lot about this games community. But I expected the replies and I’m sure the post will be flagged, Im honestly just curious. This is my first ever post on this toon, as he’s my only human toon.

I just assume that everyone that is typing on here is black? Wow. What does that make me?


Yes I do actually, I screen shot a lot of things that happen in case I need receipts. I also spend most of my time in goldshire with friends when I’m not pushing content and I’m on Moonguard… planning on transferring soon to Tich/Horde as Moonguard lacks the Pvp player base on both factions.

Good, I would report them and not let their ignorance ruin your game time.


I’m not black but I leveled a character with the black skin tone and facial features and an the afro hairstyle and never got any comments about her. Could just be because I played on a dead server though. :man_shrugging:


So rude. I’m teal underneath this armor!

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Ah yes i could tell immediately from that armory picture that you are indeed a person of color.

Actually no, i cant tell anything about your racial background by looking at your character.


do you need a picture of his hand with a timestamp to prove that he’s black too?


wdym?! aren’t you a three meter bull irl?! :scream:

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And that’s perfectly fine this thread was mainly aimed at African American players that actually use their skin tone in game now that we have them.

Well no, if he is or isn’t black is irrelevant since there is no way for a random player to know that.

Was curious whether or not thos was a serious thread or a troll.


… Thats wha she said?


Yeah, my experience im sure is rare but it also doesn’t help I’m like the only black toon besides maybe 2? That I see that walks around goldshire on Moonguard. Did I also mention I’m on Moonguard ?.

south park stick of truth difficulty slider anyone?


Lucky her. :drooling_face:

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