Players ruined Classic, not Blizzard

Min maxing, gold buying (has always been a problem, but it is so rampant on oce servers that GDKP is like 90% of LFG channel), 80% of people rolling horde, Horde crying about BG queues (despite knowing they were the heavily dominant faction?)… and now players don’t know what they want with LFG/LFD.

Congrats, you were so emotionally invested in an OLD game that you pretty much drove away 90% of the player base. LOL


I feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about because the overall Horde/Alliance split is pretty even with Horde only up by a small percentage.

Pre-made battlegrounds, queue dodging, instance farming, dungeon boosting and yeah, greedy GDKPs.

Metasheep did a number on the “Classic Experience.”


Yes. Sadly, that behavior is what drove a lot of people back to retail, FFXIV, and/or elsewhere. Oh well! Here is hoping that WOTLK brings some players back.

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Couldn’t just be that the game isnt as good as those people thought it would be?

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i am sure there wont be a gearscore addon this time.

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You didn’t even mention primary culprit: rampant, unwarranted use of transfers. They are the reason why your realms are destroyed and your ‘community’ is a repulsive den of gold goblins.


Rampant? Yeah. Unwarranted? That’s harder to say. If your guild (and every other guild) leaves, what do you do?


Wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t allowed in the first place.


Yet they were needed early on.

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No, they weren’t.


Ah, you must have started after launch.


You must be mistaken. The only time transfers will be warranted in Classic’s history will be at the conclusion of Season of Mastery.

Again, you probably weren’t around at launch. It’s cool. You simply don’t know.

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Again, you’re wrong.

The real problem with the game is and always has been the entire system behind it.
Because it has greatly reduced and removed the focus from the moment and the game world, people are also playing the part of the game that has proven to be more valuable for it… the end game in all its facets. And the way to get there is almost universally a solo quest tunnel.

That’s how MMORPGs work, but very badly or not at all, because they thereby undermine fundamental core elements or can’t take place at all.

And Blizz has strengthened this principle in the course of the Add Ons more and more and the game is as a result more and more slipped as an MMORPG and become a stronger and stronger competitive game with number games, which only knows one thing and that is getting through to the end game to the last level and then the game really starts and that’s true.

Because the whole game is worthless, but the instance run and the preparation for it is the real game principle of WoW.

But that this basically has nothing to do with an MMORPG, understood as a genre, is more obvious than ever.

And it’s exactly this imposed other genre here in the MMORPG area that makes all the MMORPGs of the last 1.5 decades seem so modest. They all work the same way and don’t even allow for real MMORPG values.

And unfortunately Blizz has built the principle into D3 as well and the result is identical. RPG and the world as the game core just bad, Endgame above all…
If D4 will also be like this, then good night…


Shoot, I’m thinking of writing one.

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A wow forum poster with no clue what they’re talking about? Couldnt be.


Blizzard is 100% responsible for everything that happens on their servers. This includes player behavior. If players are playing the game in ways that blizzard views as bad for the game, then it’s blizzards responsibility to put an end to it.

The players have no responsibility in policing the game or setting policy. Expecting the community to organize and encourage good behavior in the game is unrealistic and doesn’t fully appreciate the complexities of human nature and social interactions.

At this point I’m confident that the development team behind classic is so incompetent they probably don’t understand why GDKP’s are bad for the game and driving unprecedented rates of inflation that would be unimaginable for the original classic time period.


Lmao minmaxing ruined the game for you? Sorry people enjoy doing things differently than you