Players, I think we need to talk about your computers

Yes, you can. That said, having the drive internal with windows on it will give you a massive massive benefit for your entire computer. Your computer will feel like going from a Toyota corolla to a freaking mustang. The difference in speed is massive.

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Right now I carry a laptop only. Last time I heard, is hard or impossible to upgrade one (I admit I haven’t stopped to google this). I ncase is possible and extends the life of the laptop by making it work less, I’d get it in time and install it.

There are but the performance wont be as good.

The difference in performance will depend on what version of USB you’re running though.

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It’s easy to upgrade if you replace your hdd (if the laptop doesn’t have a secondary bay), but you will need to get a bigger one in that case because it will become your WHOLE storage medium

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If it’s a somewhat newer laptop should have at least 1 usb 3 port and maybe even a c

Really depends on the make and model of the laptop. Some are actually quite simple to swap the drive. Other laptops, I think a dental appt is more appealing.

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I exceed the minimum requirement, as well and the recommended. I am satisfied. Might end up getting a NVMe drive just for WoW. Not sure if or when I will.

Bought a 500GB eternal SSD and transferred my wow folder to it yesterday after popping open my laptop and finding the HDD was soldered on and if nothing else, even if there is no improvement, the SSD will work well as extra storage to put all my mmos on so I won’t have to download them again when I upgrade to a new PC in a few years.

What brand is this so I can freaking avoid it like the plague


I have an older model laptop of HP Omen.

hopefully they learned on the newer ones

Ahahha, this is a great example of rather going to the dentist. I am not going to break out a sodering iron to upgrade the hdd. Lol

Alright. Seems my Laptop is Dual Drive according to the model and specs. Should be better. Thanks for the responses!

The amount of work isn’t what is likely to tilt me, it’s watching dumb decisions from the operations team making more work for themselves and me.

Or watching executives spend thousands to give people on the road a fancy ipad(that they always manage to break), but scoff at buying more infrastructure hardware.

Or watching a security breach cause them to spend ungodly amounts of money on security theatre, but not let me mildly inconvenience end users with actual solutions to what bit them the first time.

My greatest regret was not holding out for a programming job. Hardware/infrastructure is a pain.

Yes, I am hoping that I will be spending enough time in a zone when I get there that it isn’t such a bother. If it ends up asking me to jump around a lot, that may be annoying after a little.

HP devices are legitimately trash. Loaded to the brim with bloatware, and their newer laptops appear to be catering to the “that’s very pretty” demographic of laptop users.

We got a few for our users and they look very sleek, definitely lightweight, but to the point of feeling flimsy. Already had one that I needed to pop open, and physically pull the m2 drive, because it was the only way I could get it to go into bios, so I could enable usb boost(two weeks in, and windows 10 had corrupted itself to the point, I needed to reload it.)

I just hate laptops in general lol

Plus the pandemic has alot of people furloughed at the moment in turn leaving people to need to save money [given some states are hit or miss with unemployment] and often have only one small splurge,in this case WoW. Don’t get me wrong,I got my SSD pre lockdown as it was needed but I understand not everybody can right now be it the pandemic or tariffs in place by our sucky politicians with a pinch of the economy being in the toilet.

Kinda seems douchey to for one to mock people for not wanting to upgrade just yet until their in a place of financial comfort and stability. Wealth shaming is no good.

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OK… So in a different thread, blizzard has addressed the issue of SSD vs HDD for minimum requirements. Here is the blue post. I will update OP.

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