Player looking for a patient guild willing to help me learn

I’m just getting back into the game after a long break and I’m looking for a casual group of people to play with and teach me some of the new features of wow I’m not the worst wow player but there’s definitely room for improvement

We just started up a guild of returning players, we are looking for new players to get us up and running dungeons. A few of us have already been thru heroics, but we would like to get some guild runs going. We don’t really have a set schedule as of yet, the majority of us are flexible.
We are not looking to be hardcore, as most of us have a life outside of wow and have kids. We play the game to have fun and meet people. Saying that we also are planning on doing mythic dungeons. We would like to start raiding (10 mans at the least) before Shadowlands hit.
Since its kind of late into this expansion we want to do at much as we can in preparation for Shadowlands.
Not sure if you are looking to help a guild from the bottom up, or something that is already established. But if this sounds like something you would be interested in, hit me up on discord. I’m usually in most of the day.
We are located in MST. Realm is Gurubashi ([H] casual guild looking for more members! )
discord: or Morlanith#4704

Hello there fellow returning player,

Pyreanor is a smallish semi-hardcore guild on Wyrmrest Accord that is looking to build our community. We’re compromised of mostly returning players who are gearing up together as a team.

Our main goal is AotC in Shadowlands content or before without that one guy who yells in voice chat.

Our raid times are Tues Thurs at 6pm Pacific.

Aside from the raiding aspirations we run mythics and quest together. We help others gear up and catch up, we teach new players. Because we value comradery so we hang out in voice chat and talk on Discord.

We know that small guilds are not for everyone but we hope you will consider joining our crew of misfits in our journey to killing bosses and looting epics.

Please let me know if you are interested via btag or Discord.

Zandrae#1418 / D: Rialius#0301

Hey Keyastin! My name is Gundel and I am part of a small guild called Benched who are looking to recruit both new and returning players! We have plenty of members who can explain and help you improve since most of them have been playing WoW for more than a few years (they have helped me :slight_smile:). I will link our GM’s recruitment post which explains who we are in more depth Retired THread. If you have questions or just want to talk, feel free to reach me on discord at the_KHAN_14#5341 or bnet at theKHAN14#1915. Have a nice day!

Hey Keyastin!

First, let me welcome you back to WoW! I’m Jojo, and I run a new guild in Illidan that’s created specifically for this event. Golden Passione was created for all players- new, rerolling, returning, and those generally tired of elitism. We’re here to help you grow, and grow with us. We believe in having a welcoming environment, but still progressing and making everyone know that they are valued. I’d definitely love to speak with you if you’d have the time!

Hey, Keyastin!

Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde raids Friday / Saturday 7-10 central. We’re 3/12M. Were looking for dps that are willing to learn and grow!

We’re active and friendly and love to make new friends. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested.

Astaril#9694 - Discord