🏠 Player Housing Poll [RESULTS LIVE]


When I first heard about player housing I had a smart-ssed answer but then I thought about all those people who used to like to fish, do their professions and AH, making gold and that’s how they played the game.

There were a lot of them, too. Then, over time as things changed, they left. Their version of the game was gone so they wandered off.

I bet player housing will bring some of them back plus bring in new people. It could be a gold mine for Blizzard if done right.

I don’t expect them to make it subject to warmode but I’d love that so much. That would make me so happy, I’d probably cry tears of joy.


Housing isn’t important to me but I support adding it. But after Garrisons I’m a little nervous about what we’d get.


It’s really refreshing to see someone say that while they don’t like a thing, they know a lot of other people do like that thing and be in favor of that thing being added because of those other people.

And I’ve also considered that adding housing would make a big splash in the news and bring a bunch of people back, if only to try it.

I mean, sure, long as it follows the rules of Warmode and has to be enabled and can be repaired after.


I personally have 0 interest in player housing. That said I don’t care if they put it in but if they do I want it to be 100% optional and cosmetic. No gear aside from transmog stuff and nothing else that would benefit a character out in the world.


Oh man, oh man, oh man! Like… I am not an Elf fan and I have never hidden that fact, but with that said I absolutely ADORE Eversong and no other Zone has ever been able to compare to it! Such a beautiful zone!

I would love to see Eversong get an HD update but I also fear that they will butcher the beauty in doing so.

Sooooooo beautiful, I would absolutely have a home there.

See, I was going to post that and went to the “Welcome please read” thread to quote Kaivax and also checked the CoC and there is actually nothing on “polls”. Petitions, yeah, it states petitions are against the forum rules but I searched high and low and found nothing stated about polls.

Seriously, even as a housing supporter I support forum rules above all else. So if you can find where it mentions polls I would be all over that, expressing our desire for something is fine and dandy but it must always be within the rules, but I couldn’t actually find anything mentioning polls. The only thing it mentions is people making Petition threads and requesting posts as signatures, which this thread isn’t really doing.

Its got me curious, though I suppose we will find out if it does or does not fall under the petition section listed here.

/glances at his capped underlight angler/glances back

Yeah, I mean its a shame. The weekly rotating fishing spots and stuff were cool, heck even the garrison fishing groups were kinda fun socially. I really wish they did something about fishing though, its so dull. Other games have show that fishing can be a fun minigame experience, I usually site Stardew Valley as doing fishing right and making it fun as well as very visible on how skill ranks directly influences your fishing.

WoW fishing is… Well… I “afk” fish using the reckles method and watching movies. Nothing says “Good Gameplay” like a system where you spend most your time on your second monitor and waiting to hear a “splash” sound.

Oh absolutely! Its such a good gold sink in games like ESO and FFXIV! Seriously, there would be so much money in it, profit for AH Tycoons and a sink for people who love messing around with housing, not to mention it would be huge for RPers, plus if done like other MMO’s it would be 100% optional so it wouldn’t affect those not interested! er… well, except the people who go “It would cost us a raid tier!” who would spin someone else getting a toy as instead them losing a toy.

That… could be interesting. Personally, and I know using “Garrison” and “Housing” in the same post is blasphemous to many, I think one thing that Garrisons did better than ANY OTHER form of housing was the seamless instancing. The fact that when going to your Garrison there was no loading screen, no instance portal, no door/intractable object. It was just there, in the open world, and you seamlessly entered your plot.

If there is one feature from the Garrisons I would want to carry over it would be the seamless instancing but with better ways of inviting/giving players permission to visit other plots.

That is how it should be and, not trying to speak for others, how I feel most people who want housing want it to be.

Honestly, not even that. There should be no rewards for housing outside new decorations/minor conveniences like general crafting stations. At the most extreme, another hearthstone bound to one plot only. No gardens that give herbs, no mines that give ore, none of that. Purely cosmetic and fun and 100% optional :slight_smile:


The devs issue with Housing is they can’t grasp the appeal of something that isn’t connected to character progression in any way. They dabbled in the concept with Garrisons, but absolutely ruined them with the mission table and by tieing professions to them, and even worse they removed the need for gathering professions to go out in the open world by providing both a mine and a garden right in the garrison!

If they ever attempt real housing it needs to be completely disconnected from progression. No mission table, no quests to advance professions, just a structure with a variety of available decorations, as well as a mailbox and possibly an anvil and forge. Any rewards related to housing activities should be limited to additional decorations.


I’m willing to bet half the ‘we’d lose a raid tier’ people don’t even raid.

I haven’t raided in any serious capacity since Wrath. If Blizzard could do it right I’d be all for player housing. Even if it did cost a raid tier - which it won’t.

To me doing it right would be if they could find a way to do what FFXIV did in terms of layout, with no monthly upkeep fee, and enough plots for everyone to at least get a ‘small’ house. When I checked out XIV’s houses they were kinda spendy - which is fine -but had an in game monthly fee or you’d lose your plot, and on my server there were zero plots available. It made me kinda sad.


Garrisons were player housing. The OP is right that it did too much and too little. There is a room in the garrison that feels like it was meant to cover some of what was missing. The big issue I have with player housing is it would pull people away from the major cities and bring back the isolation that garrisons brought. They would have to be instanced or else you have Elwynn Forest looking like a cityscape. I can’t get behind the idea simply because it would negatively impact the game world. Aion, Rift, ESO and FFXIV and many others are and have always been in the shadow of WoW. Respectable games, but meek lambs in the presence of a titan.


Only if the devs putvin things that don’t belong in player housing, like AH access or a transmog NPC. If you still need to go to a city for that stuff then cities will remain populated.


You mean the things that are already available on mounts and other means? The game just isn’t designed for it. We are transients, westfall homeless with better gear.

Very few people have the AH mount, not everyone has the Transmog mount even though it’s easy to get at this point, and most other stuff like that is limited to engineering items. People who are determined to use that stuff to avoid cities are already going to do that without housing, they’ll just go to their favorite zone instead. As long as housing didn’t add additional ways to accomplish these things nothing would change compared to how it is now.


I think we will have to agree to disagree on this subject. Players will always opt for the most convenient route even if it means being briefly inconvenienced to achieve the means to an end.

I don’t care either way about player housing tbh. I tried to take your poll but it did not have any choices I wanted to pick or a way to write in thoughts(Other) so I left.


As long as it’s implemented like in eso/Poe and not like SWTOR. I like decorating. Not just filling predesignates blank spots.


Thank you! As of right now there are 59 replies to the poll, do still a super small pool of feedback but better than I thought it would be.

Given almost every major mmo on the market currently has some form of player housing it is a little disappointing to see Shadowlands so feature light (though I understand that it is a titanic effort to change the game in such a way as they are).

The issue with implementing player housing is that Blizzard is incapable of extending their scope past one expansion. Even on basic things such as classes and abilities. Everything is to be a contained entity with no interaction with other timelines or parts.

Because of this, any value player housing or guild halls have at the start will be quickly diminished. Also, if implemented - Blizzard will have its shareholders agree that it should be monetized ruthlessly.

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Didn’t read any of it. Wanted to warn you polls are a violation of the forum CoC though.

Also, for what it is worth, we don’t need player housing.

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I’m indifferent to the whole player housing issue. If it comes into play, I’ll play with it a bit. If not, there will be other time sinks to bide my time. :grin:

Main thing I’d be worried about is the time gate, some type of resource expense and/or the RNG that would surely go into it. The boards would blow up for sure when people go a week for a realm reset on an item they keep getting over and over. Or an item that is an exorbitant expense in gold that goes away or becomes unavailable the next patch or expansion.

Careful what you wish for…


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i liked the garrison, and still used it in BfA. i made some bags, also water walking potion, as well as goblin gliders. garrisons were one of the few times that blizzard devs made something too good. people hated it because they liked it?

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