Platinum Rares?


The silver vs. gold rare thing is bonkers. The game says silver enemies offer better than average treasure, and some give you literally nothing. Another in Mugamba gives a stupid Warspear Key when you kill him. There’s a massive gold walking around a town in NE SSV that gives you nothing and is just there to make your life miserable. Gold means NOTHING. Silver means MAYBE not NOTHING, and it certainly doesn’t mean RARE.

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Gold rares? Did I miss some news?

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Gold doesn’t mean rare. It means elite, or stronger than normal mobs.

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I think he is referring to the silver and gold dragon portraits that really just imply how tough the elite monster is going to be, when it is supposed to indicate that it is a lucrative target with cool loot.


Yes. Rare or not, the golds are rare compared to regular mobs because they are named and there is usually one with a name. Bosses are gold. I’d say they’re rare, you have to instance and get 24 others with you to even see them.

Any case, yes, large numbers are ridiculous. My point, aside from some pointing out unrelated semantics, is that gold means about nothing anymore, and even silver doesn’t mean it gives “better loot than average” when the rares in Darkshore and Arathi will be silver every week but only give you a tiny sliver of Azerite once.


the gold dragon means they’re elites, just stronger mobs. Elites have better drop rates on generic items like gold, and other world drops such as green quality items.

Silver dragons mean the enemy is “rare” and offers the chance at unique loot when killed. The rares in the last few expansions have their loot class locked, so if a rare drops a piece of cloth armor, that piece wont drop for your warrior, which means that a lot of rares end up dropping nothing unless you can use the item they normally drop.

EDIT: rares also usually give a heck of a lot more xp than pretty much any other mob.


Agree that they should at least drop gold or something. So many drop NOTHING.


What kind of world of Warcraft do we live in where players don’t understand that silver dragon means rare mob, and gold dragon means elite mob.

Like, seriously, they need to turn up the pain while leveling, make it into a god damn slaughterhouse to fix these kids.

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Except gold has ALWAYS meant elite - meaning tougher enemies. I think silver came later in vanilla.

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I did say it means it is elite. Silver dragon is rare mob. Rare is supposed to mean cool loot, or at least a high chance of something. Lately there are so many silver rares around that they don’t really drop anything but an azerite shard.


You’re talking about loot, not difficulty, but I’ll agree on both of those counts anyway. Elites are barely Elite anymore. An Elite prior to Cata was actually an Elite. If one was a quest boss or something, you might have actually grouped up with someone to get it down. I miss that. Regular Elite loot has never been anything special, so the “anymore” bit doesn’t apply there, but the rest of it, sure.

A remnant of pre-MoP design of rares actually being rare and actually being a bit more of a threat (as their “rare elite” title would suggest).

WoD and onward, the concept of a rare turned into a “non repeatable named mob” with mostly menial rewards, mostly only relevant when they end up tossed up as a world quest objective.

Exception: Warfront “Rares”. They’re kind of their own thing in that you’re basically rolling for loot as if they were dungeon bosses every 3 weeks. Otherwise they’re the same type as the other post-MoP rares.

It was the same in MoP, but people generally at least wanted the toys and such they dropped, and they had some difficulty to them, unlike modern “Rares”.

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gold = quest mob elite. aka elite mob required for a quest completion. So those generally dont drop loot.

Silver mobs are more difficult than usual elite mobs, may have loot.

silver mobs with a wing, those are rare elites, these usually always have loot.

FYI id you didn’t realize: A mob with a silver dragon border is not an elite unless it has a wing. so pay attention to that subtle difference, if there’s a wing on the dragon or not.

As seen here: _

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Silver Dragons stopped being “rare spawns” after MoP. Most of the WoD, Legion, and BFA ones repop after 3-5 minutes instead of having hours to days long respawn timers.


Yeah silver is just a regular mob these days
there used to be rares that spawned say once a day, and then there was sometimes rare elites, so that rare that spawned once a day was actually a hard thing to tackle.


My point is just that these silvers aren’t rare no matter how many acerbic morons harp on me using the term “gold rare.” There’s even an achieve in Nazjatar that is called “I Thought You Said These Were Rare” – and in the off chance they do have a rare DROP, it’s RNG that you probably won’t see anyway. Darkshore is a great example, too, the silvers in the warfront are ALWAYS present and NEVER drop any loot, only wood and iron.


They do sometimes drop rare items, I agree that its lame to go around killing a bunch of “rare” bears or something that are just sitting like ducks.
but in todays day and age, Chinese gold farmers would just literally squelch the heck out of uber rare timer stuff like the old days where it was fair game for that 2 day respawn, now people just sit for literally 40 hours just to f you.


This is worse in island expeditions, because no one has loot and some of the golds are harder to kill than some of the silvers.

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Pretty sure you’re right on this. Things were just elite in vanilla before the silver dragon got implemented to separate simple elites, from rare elites.

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There should be elites, and there should be rares. They serve a different purpose. The challenge in elites is killing something hard, while the challenge in rares is hunting down something that’s hard to find.


We live in the world of CRZ where most people never see these mobs when they are leveling up.