Platinum Coins


Gold is getting off the register in this game in terms of sheer numbers. Why not introduce a coin above gold now that platinum is in the game?

(Darktalon) #2

No they just need a gold squish.


Don’t squish me I’ll squish you squishy man.

(Dellexi) #4

This thread again lol.

What will happen when people start to get millions of platinum coins? Adamantium coins? To squish the amount of gold others have doesn’t solve anything.

(Drougen) #5

I’d be for that. Gold cap is stupid. Make way for platinum!

(Eevee) #6

Obviously we need to implement an income tax system that taxes the assets of the wealthy to use to fund public works.

(Orctang) #7

May as well we are squishing any large numbers in the game because they scare people.


We’ll put gnomes in compression machines and make gnome coins!

(Watermist) #9

This made me laugh. Nice one!


Bernie the goblin approves…as long as he gets to keep and spend the taxes on new homes and cars.

(Volley) #11

Gold will always remain the standard in Warcraft, changing 1000 gold = 1 platinum for example, or something similar, would just result in even higher Auction House prices for silly things.

(Vãrick) #12

Guilds in ESO often charge members weekly fees to remain in the guild. “Pay your dues to retain access to the guild features”

This is commonplace, and the point behind it is only guilds can run Stores. And stores are bid-on starting at extortionate prices of millions. which you compete with other guilds for. So big merchant-marketing guilds obviously get the best spots as their members all have crazy income they can pool to outbid for the best spots.

IDK how well this would fly in wow, as people are pretty tight with their money. But it’d be interesting. Guilds kind of died out after the cross realm stuff in MoP.

It’s usually something miniscule. Like 1-5k. Which is something you can earn mindlessly by not paying attention in a week. There’s daily events that reward over 1k, and most items sell for that much. Really easy to make money. So i’d say its the equivalent of charging the similar amount in gold on WoW.

(Eevee) #13

scratches head

Sounds… ambitious? I don’t know that I’m against such a system but it sounds like we’re talking about way more interactive economy than WoW’s quest-for-gold-then-spend-it-on-vendor-stuff thing.

(Vãrick) #14

Yeah It’s interesting. Like I said guilds are the only source of Auctions, I meant to say auctions anyway. So it’s out of necessity. and ofc there are free-to-play guilds that have less convenient auction locations. It’s just the ones in capital cities that usually make you pay if you want to sell your stuff in a high traffic area.

I wonder what a tax in wow would look like though.

Would it just be a higher emphasis, and cost, on regular every day services? 1k gold repair bill?

(Kelisaria) #15

You mean like in Age of Conan? They also have tin coins below copper, so the money is spread across 5 different coins! Yay!

(Mairil) #16

There’s actually no gold or silver. They’re all copper and the UI just show it gold if it go over 10k copper.

(Magnarok) #17

What’s your deal with platinum? Did you just discover the word or something?


Or they could start using exponents.

(Roxanewatson) #19

Why stop there? We need full scale socialism in WoW!

Viva La Revolution! No longer will the Gold Farmers bleed the average player dry! We must redistribute the wealth of the top earning plays and give it to the low income player! Its only fair!


Plat is more an EQ thing.