Planning Free Character Transfers for Season of Mastery Realms

Being fair, our group of mutanus horde, though not many 20 were going to go to barman

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Lower pop has faster queue times. No one believed this before but here ware again, less horde means faster queues. So many smart ones on this forums claimed otherwise too. Its like facebook in here, just random thoughts being puked out as facts and then the long line of low IQ believing it.

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Open up horde transfers to Jom and open alliance transfer off Jom to Barman. Once we get some semblance of balance on Jom, open up alliance transfers from the rest of the realms back to Jom.

Opening the flood gates and letting in more alliance is just going to ruin the server further. Its already a nightmare playing as horde here as it is. We need more horde here, but certainly do not need any more alliance.

Use a scalpel, not a hammer.

??? Barman is already 70% ally

He’s using a scalpel, so that it’s more painful for the horde.

Yep. People “think” they want to go on Barman, till the population declines further, then they’ll be back on the forums complaining that they’re on a dead server, and want transfers again.


and jom has 8 for horde wow so many more

Some people wanna go to Jom
Some wanna go to Barman

Some want OFF jom

If anything even if you force people to jom give them paid transfers for the ones who might wanna go to barman cause not everyone likes mega severs.

Hi Blizzard,

For Oceania players, it would be better to offer transfers to a west coast realm for better latency.

As a barman player I’m all for it. It was fun the first month lvling and wpvp’n but the server is dieing less and less people are playing and the only move to do is make the mega server. I was stubborn I knew jom was going to be the more populated but barman was the only server I could get my name. Now I’m at the point where idc about a damn name on a dead server. Just look at the data from for reset #12 now add at min half of the populations into Jom and il take it about as good we will get. Sure ally are still outnumbering 500+ on us, but that was expected most of us knew that’s how SoM was going to be. People need to understand and be told again and again apparently cuz they don’t get that this isn’t normal classic we don’t have 2 years of playing together on this type of server. It will all be erased and forgotten if you came here to casually lvl with friends and do dungeons or RP just go play on the classic era servers. Horde need a home and Jom is it wether its ally dominated or not that is where majority of the faction already is. Every single horde player that still wants to play SOM wether its raiding/spam the gulch for 10hrs+/troll lfg chat if you dont act when blizz gives us this handout you have nobody to blame but your damn self. To think you are going to convince people to xfer to a low pop/dead server is actually funny as hell not gonna lie. With all that bs being said. +1 transfer to Jom


They’re not transferring from dead servers to dead servers.

They can set up all the free transfers they want. All I am asking is that all the transfers they don’t want, like OFF JOM, they still put those in but make them paid transfers. I am willing to pay for what I want, and have always wanted. I have already rerolled. I have already leveled my new character and my new character is better geared than my old one. My old one still has several thousand gold and consumes that I would like on my new character so I don’t have to farm as much and can take a relax period finally. Let me pay to transfer my character off Jom.

So barman gains what 100 more players?

This exactly lol. I rerolled jom, now my gear is way better. Hoping I can xfer my other 60 and alt to jom. Not to barman. If it was merged at this point I wouldn’t even care. But 2 months ago it would have been game changing.

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Exactly. If transfers would have been in from nearly the get go, Blizzard would have made a crap ton of money off it. Now they are forced to give for free what we all would have paid for back then.

I guess Blizzard did not see our fireworks show in Ironforge. I accept full responsibility, I should have brought more fireworks and moon glow. Barman lives

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No, they are not “forced to offer them for free”. They still could have opened paid transfers instead of free transfers and made money. I definitely respect Blizzard for opening them for free here. One thing for me playing SoM was no (extra) monetization.


While I agree they could have offered paid transfers, they seem very aware that this issue was partly their fault. And like a good tank, they were trying to mitigate the damage.

The Free Character Transfers are now open.