Plaguefall Dungeon Temporarily Disabled

Falling with style is still falling.


This is legitimately fascinating to me.

How did this even occur? I don’t believe I saw any changes to Plaguefall or the terrain or anything like that in the patch notes.

Bugs are so strange and pop out of literally nowhere lol


I believe that someone does regularly go through the forums ready, taking notes about topics of interest or outrage. That person is probably an intern. That’s how they knew to fix the untested changes they had put into the Druid and Rogue tree that had made ferals and rogues unplayable. Players did the troubleshooting and figured out how the bug was working. There were many threads on this.

Again, many threads on Plaguefall spawning players under the surface, being stuck there, and chain dc-ing. That was probably also a problem for customer service, who couldn’t deal with it.

The problem is their priorities. They probably have a list that “stuff people will quit over” are a higher priority than “stuff people will probably put up with until we can get around to it”.

Are you aware how the bug was working? Players spawned underground, disconnected, and were stuck.

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Yea, right?

That’s always been my marvel. How does something like this suddenly break the way it does. “We add the trading post! Oh, and you freefall in Plaguefall. Of COURSE you freefall in Plaguefall. Trading Posts do that.” O.o

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my toon waldowally-thrall has been trapped there for over a day now please move my toon

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My attempt at educating wow players how my anxiety feels has been ruined!

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Are you aware that that statement was made in jest ?

If it was a Gnome, hopefully it remains there, just saying.

Darn, I was hoping to get the mount before this happened.

Bug = Getting the Slime Serpent mount with a geared 70 is now super easy, barely an inconvenience, gotta fix that.

Is this still an issue?

I just got the quest for the Plaguefall dungeon and noticed that I can’t queue for it in the Dungeon Finder. But I was able to enter the instance through the in-world portal without issue.

I searched on Google and this was the only thing that came up that seemed like it could be the culprit.

Maybe ask in either Technical or Customer Support? Blues dont generally respond here.

Thanks. I created this thread with the question (in case anyone else with the issue stumbles across this thread like I did).