Placeholder Anima Power

Just got one in Twisting Corridors. Please fix this so people don’t get nothing.

Edit: Just got a second one.

Edit 2: Just got a third one.

Edit 3: Just got a fourth one.

Edit4: Just got a fifth one.


What class? A lot of monks have reported this but no other classes so far (at least that I’ve seen).

Monk, but I saw in a different thread that it was happening to a Demon Hunter too

Just got two back to back and submitted a bug report also.

Playing as Mistweaver Monk , started seeing about 2-4 of these a floor after floor 6.

7-15 placeholder anima for me…which is awesome. Especially when last boss hits for 25k a hit

I got 10 getting to floor 18. I don’t mind it being hard, but it would be nice if the content was finished. There are zero excuses why we should be seeing ‘Placeholder’ in live content. Complete developer failure.

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Monk friend of mine is at 10 placeholder powers. Multiple of every quality.

I ended up with 17 Placeholders overall at the end of my Twisting Corridors run. Luckily Corrosive Dosage is so massively overpowered I still pulled off 51k dps on the final boss pressing one button. I can only imagine what will happen when they fix this.

Same problem as above. Picked up several anima powers off lowbie mobs and then got a Placeholder. Every single choice off random mobs after that were placeholders (in various colors).

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I had 10-12 placeholders by the time I wiped to the Empowered Imperial Consular’s pacify spam on floor 14.

I got about 10 placeholder as a Vengeance DH… 18 floor boss is just undoable as a Veng DH

4-17 first attempt - got trucked by trash with all those Placeholders. Dropped out and tried again - got to floor 8 and 2 in a row Placeholder. Not a good experience. Demon Hunter.

Yep - that’s where I got stuck on 17th floor after Placeholder since floor 3. Veng DH

Just got it on floor 10 a SECOND run… F!@%ing ridiculous, considering if blocks about 15 powers by floor 18. Happened both times after taking a 4th stack of Bloating Fodder (makes maw rats explode) but I dont know if that has anything to do with it.

Jesus blizz how do you get this through QA…


small indy company i guess

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This happened to me on my DH. I had around 10 “placeholder” powers by the 15th floor.

Part of the new version of “Blizzard polish”

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Got about 4 of these on my ele shammy earlier today doing TC Layer 1.