<Place Holder> of Area 52 Recruiting (9/10H SoD)

[Place Holder] is looking for a couple more DPS/Healer with a DPS OS to finish out our roster! We were 3/10M in 9.0 wanting to push for CE in 9.1. Currently, we are 9/10H in SoD. Any exceptional player may apply but in need of:

Recruiting Priority:
Melee DPS:

Havoc DH - Medium priority
DK - High Priority 

Ranged DPS:

ALL - High priority

Disc/Holy Priest - High priority
Holy Paladin - High priority

Raid Times:

Wednesday 7 pm-10 pm EST
Thursday 7 pm-10 pm EST

Leadership Contact:

Guild Master/Raid Leader: Chunkydh - Discord: ChunkyChug#2956

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