<Phury> <horde late night> tues/weds 10-1(est) 9/10h 10/10n

Phury has been on the scene for 15 years reaching our peek raiding performance in Firelands but looking to push past that and get into the upper tiers of the raiding scene. If you are interested in joining a family that is serious about raiding but can still joke and have a good time then hit us up and help us destroy the Shadowlands. Looking for all classes that are interested in Raiding #1, M+ #2, and some PVP here and there.
Castle Nathria was 10/10h 2/10m

Here is our Past Progress!!
9/9H Uldir 2/9 Mythic Uldir
9/9H Zuldazar 1/9 Mythic Zuldazar
2/2H Cos 0/2 Mythic Cos
8/8H TEP 3/8 Mythic
12/12h Nyalotha 4/8 Mythic
10/10h Castle Nathria 2/10 Mythic
We feel Proud of our accomplishments but we hunger deeply for more!!!

Contact options
GM - tang#1917
Raid Leader - Safph#1445

were now 3/10h and 8/10n need healers bad but recruiting all players!!!

we’re gearing up to push into mythic in the next week or two need 1-2 healers 1 tank and 2-3 DPS

still looking for players :slight_smile: we are now 7/10h and 10/10n hoping to break into mythic here shortly

I’ll bump you so you can post again

thanks, buddy - were still in need of a healer and possible a tank 1-2 DPS to solidify our mythic roster hit me up tang#1917 :slight_smile:

To the top hit me up in need of peps hoping to get into mythic raiding soonish :slight_smile:

Were about to secure that Aotc, we are looking for a few more players to get going in mythic if you interested in joining or just finding a group of people to play with hit us up tang#1917