Phew *wipes brow* close one

No. The Alts are super toxic dude - even blocking them all doesn’t do much. They’re like gnats lol

Its proven to be mostly ineffective sadly. Oh sure we eventually get troll threads removed, but it takes ages and by that time people have already been riled up. I’d rather have some preventative measures in place to compliment the reactive measures. And unless Blizz goes on a forum moderator hiring spree, things aren’t looking to get any better any time soon.

I post on my sorta main, I still really dont want realID, personally.

I didn’t say block them… I said report them. Punishments affect the whole account, not just singular characters.

I disagree. There is certainly still trolls, but they seem to be less pervasive than ever before. I think people just generally use the term troll nowadays to mean anyone that disagrees with them or anyone with poor communication skills.

I never got banned yet. My first thought was “What broke?”


Don’t threaten me with a good time.

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Temp bans are green. I’ve had a bunch this past month.

:scream: uh I can’t… I’m sick :face_with_thermometer:

I don’t believe in that reporting stuff. Blizz is too busy - they gave us tools to moderate some things ourselves. I just block players if they’re overly toxic.

But we all deal with things differently I guess