Phase 2 pvp moved up?

I understand most know that they moved the pvp release date to the 14th, where was this posted , i didn’t see anything in forums or on google, but it seems players know about this and curious to know how this was advertised or where ?


You’re not the only one, I was trying to figure out why suddenly I was being ganked a lot today. I think they didn’t see the memo either.

Yeah i logged in and didn’t see the pvp menu that shows kills etc , but I even asked my guild and they said its Thursday, and i research this game a lot and never found this stated.

At the bottom


AHhh okay Thanks :slight_smile:

its been pinned to the top of forums for a while but i dont blame you for missing it, things like that should also be pinned on the Blizzard launcher as a “Classic Forum Pins updated click here to view” as one of the sliders.

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Yeah I didn’t think to look there, I thought it was older Info, and didn’t want to scroll thought 1000s of posts, amazing how everyone else found it though .lol

But how would Blizzard advertise all the other things they want to sell you that you don’t want?!?!