Pets and torghast

So I finally leveled my lock to 60, my final class (now have all at 60). After getting some basic gear form the AH about 168 Item Level now, and then I jumped into a torghast (regular) layer 8. I thought it was interesting that warlocks ( I was destro both runs) got soo much pet DMG and modifiers, and yet my hunter even as BM does not.

Right out of the gate I got something like "Boosts pet health and dmg by 100%, per floor every time you raise to a new floor". Why in the world didn't blizz give this to hunters, is the first thing I thought? I was actually amazed at how much better torghast was on my undergeared lock compared to my hunter. My hunter for reference is only around 200 I.L.

Is it just me or do hunters need some Torghast love?


They definitely need love BUT the misdirect anima powers are quite strong. Perhaps got bad rng with not getting any.

The misdirects are good but they’re not enough to keep your pet alive on higher floor bosses. I’d like to see the 15% hp and 2% per mawrat powers also apply to your pet.

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They already do. Problem is you need a lot of them for it to be worth it. Just one or two won’t do.

There was a a lot we can do to mitigate incoming damage for our pets and increase their outgoing damage but it seems that other “pet” classes get bigger boosts and I am very jealous. Lol.


I did Tor the other day, though they were find bane and explore…I received quite good powers as SV. I received one power that had my pet auto kill any mawrat, and he gained health and AP for it. Kong was truly like Kong on that run. Heck I did that run easier than when I do it on my Prot paly, and a whole lot faster.

I’ll see how it change when I start running the floors levels.

Yeah there are a few DECENT powers for Hunters pertaining to their pets, but every time I play my lock and can summon mountains of infernals, or my void walker is doing more dmg than my BM pet, it’s just wild.

Last night at the end of a regular Torghast layer 8, floor 6 boss, my void walker was meleeing for 6.7K, and his AOE was hitting for like 2.5k crits. Like WHAT.

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