Pets and Feign Death don't work since last patch


Pet attack and pet follow randomly reset, pets are unreliable at best. Warlock pets also have the same issues as well as randomly disappearing and reappearing with new names.

Feign death does not work in pvp at all since last patch as well so hunters are quite useless at the moment.

Other beta users please comment and elaborate on these issues if you have been affected


Are you keeping pet on passive? Letting the mob attack you first?

This has been a bug for a little bit since last patch. Keepign pet defensive and sending in first prevents the issue.

Could you please clarify this? You mean staying in combat? That’s because pet if in combat keeps you in combat. Or something else?

I have a Pet bug super thread in these forums if you want to check that out.

As for me, I JUST made a thread because my hunter just 100% broke due to auto shot not working anymore. I am not the only one with it broken either.


I’ll try with pet on defensive and see if that fixes it, it would just go back to follow non stop after being sent to attack.

For feign death I tested with my pet dismissed and still did not drop combat in warsong so feign trapping is impossible in bgs atm.

Edit: I just logged on to test and my autoshot broke too lol. Looks like Quin sacrificed his firstborn to break hunters.


I lol’d.

Okay it might be a BG thing with FD, not sure.

As for defensive, GL, well nvm once auto shot breaks it’s GG.

btw here’s a quote to link the major pet bug thread case you find anything new after they fix auto-shot.