PetParty (Addon) help

(Dakkar) #1

Hey folks…

I use an addon called PetParty. It allows you to save teams of pets in a side panel to the pet journal. It’s good for keeping a team for a specific fight so you’re not flipping through the journal putting the same team together everytime you encounter that pet battle.

I’m currently having an issue with the addon where Bugsack reports errors in the LUA. I’ve posted on CurseForge informing the developer but haven’t heard back. The LUA error is “Couldn’t open PetParty\PetParty_Art.tga” which doesn’t seem that bad but it’s the count of that error. So far, today, in one session it has occurred 1032 times. I’m not sure the impact that will have on WoW, I assume it’s not a positive one.

Is anyone else using PetParty and getting this error? Alternately does anyone know how I can remedy this error? The PetParty_Art.tga file does exist in my PetParty folder. So I’m unsure how it is unable to find it.

Thanks for any help.

(Fizzlemizz) #2

It sounds like that for some unknown reason, the author has listed PetParty_Art.tga in the addons .toc file (8.x changes has made the game a lot more fussy about what is listed in addon include files and by listing it, the game thinks it’s a source code file when trying to open it, not an image file).

Exit the game completly, go to the PetParty addon folder an open the file PetParty.toc in a text editor (Notepad will do), find the line:
and delete it.

Re-start the game.

(Dakkar) #3

Did as you said… and it worked!

Thanks so much. The addon still works but zero LUA errors. It’s actually weird to see BugSack with no errors. :slight_smile: