Petition to keep 1-15 stress test active for longer

You just want beta.

That was not a grace for the alliance. Shameful

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Pretty sure they’ll get rid of it… a few weeks after launch.

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that makes leveling an un blizz like experience. i only want to experience my server and what is in my server. Not like Maplestory where i can go in and out of rooms to hopefully phase into one where i can get the loot.

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That’s actually a really good comparison.
Its just channel hopping with extra steps as of right now.

There needs to be a fix for the exploits.
Layering WILL be in the game on launch so we all need to stop trying to get it removed.

Thinking of ways to stop the exploits everyone is happy with would be better.

Almost like we’ve been saying this for the last month :wink:

Says the horde.

Giving them a little nudge in the right direction never hurts.

I really feel like the start of the leveling and re living release is about building the server and the guilds and rivalrys that form and create the world we will live in for classic. It will be altered by the start being spreaded and not everyone seeing eye to eye how it should…
Auction house will also be way more packed then it should if people are able to exploit node farming. Ive already exploited numerous quests in my 1-15 stress test experience

Jacked economy and an unrealistic server.

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Wait is this a petition to keep the stress test active or is it an anti layering thread?

seems to have gotten different attention its kinda just opened so give it time. GRACE YOUR FACTION

Giving the game to retail players also makes it unblizzlike. The options are layering, 15k capped servers, or dead servers a week after launch. Blizzard has rules the last two out.

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Can’t do that. The Alliance Shaman is in full disgrace in Classic.

haha come to the horde!!!

Can’t be Horde Shaman. Thrall is a weak role model.

15k cap server sound insane mate. I been on a priv server for years with lke 6-9k pop and its beyond over populated. They should have a bunch of server with a decent population

Nope. You have an entire day to play - just go and play instead of wasting time posting on the forum if you really love playing classic that much.

Private servers will pretty much die out just like gold sellers have pretty much died out once blizzard gives people options.

I have no real idea what kind of person wants to sit around for hours waiting for mobs to spawn but I have a hard time believing you have a life outside this game.

Vol’jin does enough talking to the elements.

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You sir, is a Murloc toe sucker. Shut up and go buy a boost. I have many invested toons on priv servers i can play too? Ive been on a thread for a few mins relax mr hollywood

He cheats, he’s a dual class Shadow Hunter / Shaman.