Pet Un-Homogenization Idea

What do you think about my pet un-homogenization idea?

Pet Species

  • There are now at least up to 3 species per “genus.” For example, the Basilisk genus might have “Salthide Basilisk,” “Glasshide Basilisk” and “Ironjaw Basilisk.”

  • Each species would have their own unique ability and stat weighs, akin to being an entirely new pet species.

  • For example, venomous Cloud Serpents would have a venom spit ability, instead of Lightning Breath. A Prowler type wolf pet might have Stealth instead of Furious Howl. And so on.


  • All pets would have at least 1 generic focus dump ability in “Claw” or “Bite.”

  • In addition to this, all pets would have at least 2 abilities; one active ability, and one passive ability unique to it’s genus.

  • Pets can have potentially up to 4 abilities. In addition to the above two, they can also have a “rare” active ability as well as a “hidden” ability.

  • A rare ability is an extra active ability that you sometimes find on certain mobs or rare mobs. This may be cc-related or an ability that simply deals damage, and may be on a higher cooldown than your usual focus-dump ability.

  • For example, a rare ability for bears could be Swipe.

  • Hidden ability is a passive that can include stuff like faster attack speed, movement speed, resistances or even auras, that is sometimes available only on some unique pet types or rare mobs, making some rare pets clearly better than other ones.

  • However, this can be balanced via lower stats or perhaps even through other means, such as slower focus regeneration.

  • Rare ability can be learned and taught to any matching genus within the species(if any).

  • However, hidden ability cannot be taught to anyone else, maintaining the uniqueness of certain pets and pet families.

Does this answer your :poop: ?

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Not as bad as your idea about simplifying the PvP Honor system, but worse than your idea to “bring back” melee hunters.


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I read only the title…