Pet responsiveness still not fixed?

As the title says. I remember at Classic Launch pets didn’t perform well, timely or sometimes ignore commands. Come back and start fresh, same thing after all this time. Fairly broken since classes with pets rely on them to do things like “survive”. Any news on fixes?

Really? Tell me more about how they’re broken.

Because I have a 60 hunter and a 60 warlock. My pets work just fine.

Major delays in actions. Sometimes freezing in place. Pathing issues. Plenty have mentioned it here, other forums, etc. It’s not new or unique to classic.

Sounds like latency issues. I don’t recall any such problems and I require precise pet actions constantly when I solo DM tribute on my hunter.

Only with the pet. I’m still able to activate and use abilities fine. When I played at launch there were times when I would send my succ to seduce, she would come out of invis, freeze and just rotate to face the target in place without doing anything. I was still able to use abilities but she was frozen. I’ve had the voidwalker stop halfway to an enemy, felhunter take a good 2 seconds to cast spell lock, etc. I do watch their GCD, Mana, etc.

I know pets became regularly awful with legion and many suffer the same issues. It’s maybe about 5% of the time they break but that’s enough to mess things up. They act the same in retail and since Classic is built with retail’s engine the issues will be the same across both. One of our hunters repeatedly has issues with his pet on live that exhibit the same delayed or unresponsive actions.

I came back after taking a few months off and started fresh with a friend and same thing with this guy. If it was latency then it’s wild it only affects my pet, I don’t have issues popping things off, just my pet.

Plenty of folks complain about it but nothing gets done. Granted these issues are pretty unimportant in a raid setting but with demons they can be crucial in PvP. Timing can matter so I don’t want to level a toon to 60 and not be able to perform because pet AI is bad. Again, this started on retail with Legion and has persisted since. Classic is built on that same foundation so here we are.

You sure its not a mod or macro messing with your pets?

I haven’t experienced these delays that you’re talking about, beyond what I can attribute to batching.

I believe you that they are happening to you, but if they aren’t happening to everyone, then it seems the most likely place to start is on the users side with their mods and macros to make sure those aren’t the culprit.

With or without mods and macros. I’m not the only one that notices. When my pet is unresponsive but I have zero issues with my character performing, there’s no GCD waiting, no pet cc, Mana good and they should be able to perform then I can’t see it being anything on my end.

I had my void the other day straight up go 90 degrees pathing towards an enemy just to walk off then run back for no reason.

With servers as shards instead of dedicated I can assume there’s a great deal of wonkiness with lag and batching requests if your cluster is near full. We don’t have the same large-scale combat like we used to in Vanilla and the load doesn’t have to be centralized anymore in a single location for the server to spaz.

There’s a lot of issues with the main client and pets so it’s only certain to see those same issues in Classic. It doesn’t happen more than 5% of the time I give a command but that’s still fairly often.

Don’t even have to issue a command. A lot of the time I’ll be out and about with nobody around, get done with food/drink then start moving and my pet will just sit behind for several seconds then slingshot next to me. Or I’ll engage with an enemy, send the pet in to attack and I’ll be fighting a mob with no issues while the pet makes up it’s mind on whether or not to attack. If there was lag I’d have it, too, in those situations. A friend also started a Warlock and has the same complaints. No issues with self abilities or other classes not performing - just the pets.

I main as a 60 hunter and still have delays on pet commands. I pet pull a lot of the time for AQ40 and find i have to mash the pet attack button a lot before my pet actually attacks the mob.

For me this is a client issue not a latency issue because i run fiber in my house so my speeds are blindingly fast