Pet not getting xp


A couple of days ago I decided to power level one of my low level pets (level 8) and after the first battle against a level 25 wild critter team he made it to level 12. However, since then he hasn’t gotten a single xp point from any more pet battles. Has anyone else been experiencing this?

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Have leveled lot of pets with wild pet battles and never run into this problem. Only a couple of things I can think of that would cause your leveler to not get any XP.

Leveler has got to survive the fight, of course. Also has got to be active at end of at least one round. Starting off with it and swapping it out immediately and it wouldn’t get any credit.

Also no XP if you’re fighting a wild team that’s 5 or 6 levels lower than lowest pet on your team.

If neither of these situations apply, time to open a ticket.


You know what, that makes sense now. The first time he got xp I believe it’s because I started with my level 25, switched to him on the second enemy then switched out and finished the match with a level 25. After that I moved him to the top of the team to make it easier.

I’m going to try that again, thank you!!

Edit: Sure enough that solved the problem!


Just a note for ya since you are newer to pet battles. If your current pet dies, you select your levelling pet, and then immediately swap the leveling pet for another 25, you can still get EXP. Basically picking the levelling pet to replace the dead pet counts as being alive at the end of a round. Also note that if your last 25 happens to die on the same round the battle ends (say you use explode to kill the last enemy), your levelling pet will automatically get pulled in to replace him right as the battle ends and will get EXP even if it was never used in the battle.