Pet Charm missions nerf

Anyone notice it seems they nerfed the amount of pet charm missions given each day now…I use to get at least 1 pet charm mission per character that had the mission board in SL…now barely getting 1 pet charm mission every other day or so…

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I stopped doing the Mission Boards entirely after DF launch nerfed the missions that gave gold. They now give about 10% of the 300+ gold you used to get and hardly worth bothering with.


I am not worried about gold part just the pet charms…pet charms are more important to me then gold…

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I just mentioned this as illustration that Dragonflight did nerf SL stuff. Not surprising that the pet charms would’ve been affected too. Don’t know if you’ve done any SL pet WQs and noticed, now that us 60’s are leveling again, that we get lot less XP from those than we used to.

But hey, least they seem to have fixed those SL pet WQs where map showed different rewards when you checked them from different places.

Pet charm rewards for SL seem to be unchanged far as I can tell, and I still do them every day (if they’re worth it)

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I was getting at least one mission per day per character that had a mission board going now I am lucky if I get 1 or 2 per day…just seems they nerfed them to me…

Idk what a mission board is but I haven’t encountered the pet battle WQ rewards being changed.

There were a few days after the pre-launch that the rewards got weird. You could check out a pet WQ on your map from some place and reward might not be the same when you finally got it. This seems to be fixed now.

I understand that, and I got that too. Maybe they’re talking about the SL Mission Table rewards? Or the quests not showing up as frequently anymore? If so, idk anything about that since DF. I just do the Pet Battle WQs (if they’re worth it)

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I noticed this as well. Though I’m not giving as much attention but seems to be a few days between mission frequency now as well. Could just be a coincidence.

Its more then just a coincidence…as I said I was getting at least 1 pet charm mission per character per day for months now…and now I am lucky if I get 1 pet charm mission for the whole day on 1 character…they nerfed it…

I don’t have the last two expansions. I’m still in BfA. But do you guys ever revisit BfA?

I just had three pet charm dailies today. I would imagine if pet collectors are doing their level best to find every available charm mission they can, returning to BfA, Shadowlands (if they even have pet dailies), they would be raking in the charms. I just reactivated by account and just by doing BfA, I have over 400 charms, plus lots of leveling stones and Rare stones.

I have usually only hit the actual tables in the past when cycling through toons doing the dailies. Mostly what I have done is using the app on my IPad. I cycled through each toon hitting BfA & SL and could usually have at least one per expansion per toon. All but tried up now. I understand the gold nerf, but to hit charms, and even worse the anima makes no sense.