Pet Bonus Weekly event?

At the end of the last pet event, I checked the calendar to prepare myself for the next one, which was scheduled for December 6th, 2022.

Today I log in & there’s no buff, no bonus XP. I know the first week or two after a new expansion, they hold off on quest, rep & dungeon bonus events, however, Xufu’s site is still listing the event. Did they forget about it or has anyone heard if it was rescheduled?

Xu-Fu’s is using the old calendar. They have mentioned they want to do something ‘different’ for PB Bonus Week, but I don’t think we’ve gotten more info than that.

That being said, currently we’re not getting a bonus week until the week of 10 January.


Thank you for the quick response! Also thank you for the update! I’m gonna be sad for a while. LOL


Wait for Squirt to be in your garrison and level up with her you have free pet heals in a step or 2.


I planned on that also, I just need to set a reminder for myself. LOL


the OP keeps track of it, and from what I figured, we should be getting one in January. Meaning the Super Squirt event.