Personal Arena Rating should be for buying gear only

Maybe the post is worded incorrectly, but personal rating should be only for buying the gear. Once you have it you should be able to wear and equip it regardless of rating, other wise you are never able to join a new team once you have your wep/shoulders.


Once you buy the gear, you can always use it. Regardless of team status.

Team rating is only required to purchase the item.

That’s how it worked in TBC, and that’s how it should stay.

Rating changes should not occur, and arena teams should start at 1500 rating.


This is going to knock arena participation down to 5-10% again. Maybe even kill the game if the equip lunacy stands.


It would be nice to know what they are trying to achieve with all the changes. Like are they trying to make it so there is no PvP gear crossover into PvE, avoiding the case like we had in Classic where R14 weapons were BiS Ph2-3… Casual Arena back in TBC was fun and S1 eventually you would earn enough points for some cool gear. Such strict restrictions means you’re going to have to launch hard early to get the high rating then stop once your happy with your position.

It’s really quite simple. Classic is meant to be plug and play passive income. They don’t want to actively change things, like arena rating requirements for gear.

Firstly: No, there shouldn’t be any rating requirement on anything since that’s not how it was.

Secondly: If you HAVE to have a rating requirement it should be 1850 for weapon and 2k for shoulders which was how it was after S1. The epeen reward for arena was title and shoulders. Not the rest. This is asinine.

It says consistent personal rating. IMHO there’s a big difference between:

Personal Consistent Rating to Buy and Equip


Rating to Buy and Equip


It’s just weird that they’re trying to “fix” a system that isn’t broken.

Personal rating didn’t exist until S3 and even then it was only on weapon and shoulders until S4.


I agree, every others changes are good but having to keep a certain rating to be able to equip gear isn’t great.

Wow if they go with the requirement to equip, this would be a HUGH nerf to Arena boosting and would likely keep Arena for the more serious players. Keeps the PvP Weapons out of pure PvE’ers too.

Wow if they go with the requirement to equip, this would be a HUGH BOON to Arena boosting and would likely keep Arena for the more RMT oriented players.

Since you can just freeze your rating by having people drop once the required ranking is achieved.


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It was indeed worded incorrectly.

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In case anyone forgot what rating requirements were and when they were implemented.

Also, previous season Arena gear did not become available for honor until after two seasons had passed.
S1 gear became available for honor in S3
S2 gear became available for honor in S4
S3 gear arena points and rating requirements (1800 weapon 1950 shoulders) lowered in S4
S3 off set honor points lowered and became purchasable with T6 tokens in S4
S2 off set for purchase with badges in S4
S2 gear for purchase with T5/T6 tokens in S4
S1 gear for purchase with T4 tokens in S4

These need to be followed as it was in TBC as well.

Blizzard should follow the original style, as it was, in original TBC.

The changes proposed by Blizzard are not what TBC is about and breaks the spirit of PvP and Arena in the TBC expansion.

Additionally teams need to start at 1500 rating, as it was for the entire expansion.

Since thinking about this stuff, thought it would also be good to mention that once the current season ends and the new one begins, you’re able to bring the max of the following currency into the new season.
75k Honor Points
100 WSG Marks
100 AB Marks
100 AV Marks
100 EoTS Marks
5k Arena Points

Remember when they said they would do changes that were positive and in the spirit of the game? Well now they’ve broken that trust.

Original lay out of how gear worked in TBC:
Season 01 - No Rating Requirements

Season 02 - No Rating Requirements

Season 03:
Shoulders 2000
Weapon 1850

Season 04:
Shoulders 2200
Weapon 2050
Helm 1700
Boots 1700
Rings 1650
Chest 1600
Bracers 1575
All other S4 gear No Rating Requirements

This original pathing of Rating Requirements by Season is important to keep true to the original TBC expansion.

Any changes to the original as is it was TBC Arena Gear pathing will result in a game experience worse off and not in the spirit of what TBC is about for the community of players who play World of Warcraft.

#as it was

Don’t ruin your own game. Please don’t ignore the community that loves your game.


Will the General/Marshal Belt/Bracers/Boots be in season 1?

Care to give us an update or what you guys are thinking over at blizzard?
Clearly your customers are not happy with the 2050/2200 rating requirement changes being applied to S1/S2.

T4 Kara/Gruul/Mag are intro mode raids no harder than a mythic dungeon on live. There is no way you could imply that 1% of the entire wow pvp community should get their shoulders when T4 shoulders drop from the mini boss before Gruul. It’s a slap in the face and you’re going to gut any potential new players from picking it up.

T6 changes to 1850/2000 made sense because they matched the difficulty of the content at the time. T7 as well because what 3% of the entire playerbase managed to clear Sunwell?

T4 is going to have a damn near 100% completion rate but you’re telling arena players to buzz off and restrict them from equivalent gear by requiring them to be in the top 3% for weapons and 1% for shoulders.


It’s definitely not good, especially when you look at the state of retail. Nearly every glad and R1 don’t think the gear should even have rating. Looking at the arena achievements of everyone who has stated that they like this change, yeah they’re not good at arena. At all. They’re trolling or white knighting.

Biggest problem I see is that participation is going to be so much ridiculously lower than in S1-2 TBC that your rank 1 5’s team might not even hit 2200. Static rating requirements might be WAAAY off the mark in terms of who ‘deserves’ a weapon. Nevermind that you can buy a better one with mats off the AH, you really gonna lock out all but the 97th percentile when the 50th percentile raider will get T4 every slot BiS before the season is even over?

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