Permanent battleground blitz

Please. Give us permanent Battleground Blitz in the form of solo queue rated battlegrounds. It plays fantastic and I personally hate everything related to arena, yet at the moment the fastest way to earn conquest and PvP vault unlocks is solo shuffle.


This, pleeeease!!!

[ I’m kind of hoping this is a test drive for solo rated tbh. It is on rated rules anyhow, and it does say rated eye of the storm, for some reason (is it?)]

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They very much stated it was indeed a test drive.


Ohhh, that’s neat!

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This refers to the EotS map, actually. There are two different EotS maps - one with rocky walls around the flag (the RBG one) and one without rocky walls around the flag (the random BG one).

Ah okay. I didn’t know that.

I’d be up for this. Could we get normal mechanics for it though. The like flag reset thing is a bit much on some of the maps.