Perm Bans for Large Scale TSM use! Be careful!

Lol no I don’t bait post at all. I don’t even undercut price I just post at the current lowest price.

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Didn’t the auction house get throttled to discourage cancel scanning? Now it’s painful to cancel scan even just 50+ items.

So I figure what happened is you come along every Tuesday and put up with this horrendous cancel scanning for 4 hours straight. Frustrated players probably end up thinking “yup this has to be a bot, who really would sit through 4 hours of this?!” and they report you. You appeal, and maybe blizz realizes you weren’t botting, but they still didn’t like your lil cancel scan routine, and so they called it ‘exploitative behavior.’

Blizzard doesn’t discuss account actions on the forums and CS can’t do anything about it other than tell you to appeal the decision.

So I only cancel scan enchants so I’m only canceling 4-8 items at a time

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Gonna join others here and call BS. You did something you’re not sharing with us. I find it odd you’re able to post with a perma ban, so this must be another acct you have now endangered with this post.

I would recommend you tweet BlizzardCS. You normally get far better results than you do with in game tickets that take 3 or 4 repeats before they even actually read what you say.

Oh do you? How exactly? You get perma banned for doing nothing? No? You took the word of someone who told you they didn’t cheat over Blizzard? A company giving up income to remove them? Why exactly?

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Here’s one example:

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Smart. You stock up on a lot of enchants but only post 1 at a time or something to avoid the throttle then? Not sure then. Maybe that’s exploitative lol

The automated system CANNOT ban you. You can be temporarily silenced until a GM reviews it but you’re just flatly wrong here.

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I know someone that was suspended for doing nothing.

I’m married to that someone.

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They also told me on here back in legion that I’d have my RSV game-play built into MM, :rofl: their word is about as good as this deed I have to the Brooklyn bridge here.

Wives/husbands lie.

So I got perm bans on my accounts not my bnet. I made another account under my bnet bc I am trying to make videos and stream tbc Classic. And I understand your not gonna change your mind which is fair be skeptical but yeah nothing else was done. They already changed from “botting” to exploitative behavior. Like I said is more than likely someone spam reporting me for cancel scanning them.

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I’ve been banned twice since '05, both remained permanent, due to “market exploitation”.

Blizzard doesn’t care how much gold you have. They care that you aren’t buying other people’s auctions to hold an item at a specific price. And both times I was banned, I did get a warning for doing it first. Which means you did as well. If you did not, maybe somethings changed, but I knew full well what was coming the second time around.

I’m on account 6 or 7 at this point. 273 million gold in a guild bank I do not own. I get banned, they give me gold, I buy tokens, I start again. I suggest you do the same.

No no I have 100-300 of each enchant up at a time but since they stack it counts each stack of 20 as 1 cancel

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I’m sorry you’re married to a liar but I’m not.

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Spam reports don’t result in perma bans. Someone reviewed your acct and what you were doing and decided it was justified.


Everyone thinks that.

There was a thread on the Classic WoW subreddit where someone was banned for six months. Blizzard eventually realized theh were wrong, but they gave him only a month of game time. It should’ve been six at the least.

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See if i was in charge at Blizzard i’d look at the logs of who gave you that gold and ban THAT acct.

Interesting idea with the guild banks. But no I was warned or anything for market manipulation. I normally don’t buy out and relist I just wait bc I don’t have that kind of time.