People with jobs Report In!

QA engineer here

Break time. Checking in.


I don’t know, there are a lot of things that I said would never happen. Giving enough time and/or money some of them have. Besides UBI in that sense is not about being a welfare state in the traditional sense. If there are no jobs for humans to do or they are very limited what else are people to do?

I don’t know if I don’t have a great faith in humanity or if I am just greedy but how I see it, if I can have 10 robots and 2 human workers for max profits I would do that. Why hire human workers who need pay, benefits, off days and sleep? If more places think like that what jobs would there be for people? Look at your job and be honest with yourself, can a robot replace you? Maybe not now but 10, 15, or 20 years down the road.

UBIs backers are looking at that future and trying to figure out how people will live. As far as the welfare state now, what did people think would happen when we allowed for almost all of our manufacturing jobs to leave? Even a portion of customer service jobs are gone or automated.

So like I have a job and I’m at work right now.

But you do know it’s possible to have a job and not work Mondays right? Half of my co workers are Tuesday - Saturday. So they naturally have Monday off.

So…no I want laugh at anyone.


I am in the Eastern Time Zone (Toronto) so most of the maintenance work happens while I’m working.

A point to note: some who complain are not necessarily unemployed. They may be night shift workers or in a different time zone.

I definitely log into WoW at work. But I promise I’m always working when I do.

Almost always.


Hello my job is White Mage in FFXIV and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Also I can fly. Also I can play any other job I want at any time. I also have all the crafting professions, and my own home with a garden. Also my gear looks way more fabulous than any old pasted on rag in WoW.

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I have a career too.

I’m a career dwarf!

hands Kaivax a shield

I have a feeling you are going to need this in about…


At least someone at Blizzard plays their own game


Free money for you from what I am seeing in the campaigns.

We know Ion plays a lot too, unfortunately he only plays one character and thinks that’s how everyone else plays this game, too. Hence all the long rep grinds and HoA grinds and such. Also that flying isn’t needed or wanted.

That’s the real problem.


I’ve been at home on a weekday day off and had the game go offline for one reason or another enough times to not invite that kind of karma.

And that 50 character slots in a 15 year old game some of us have played for nearly that long with a love of alts is okay :frowning:


As a professor, not only did I have to work during the downtime, I was giving a midterm exam to a class I know has at least 2 WoW players.

They got to suffer along with me.

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From what another blue stated you guys sit around and play video games for a good portion of your day anyway.

You should have brought a laptop and played with the sound on.

I am a horrible horrible human being.

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I work, therefore I forum post. Can’t play the game at work, not with today’s filters and tech. 14 years ago, on my old network, yeah but the game was one giant lag mess…could only go fishing. lol

The Uni has the worst WiFi on the planet.

I’d be moving at about 2 FPS

Oh you don’t actually have to play, just make them think you are!