People use the term weeb incorrectly

They use it to describe anything Japanese or asian that they dislike. When Weeb really means a rabid fascination with Japan/asia, thinking its vastly superior to everything else, wanting to actually be japanese/asian and ignoring your own culture or race. Sorry but games like Final Fantasy don’t fall under this. You’re just anti asian imo.


I probably wouldn’t go as far as saying anti-Asian, since it’ll lump other things like anything Samsung and Asus, but I agree with your point. You’re a part of the small handful that actually knows what “weeb” really means and doesn’t just throw the word around the minute someone names an anime title or a game with an anime art-style. It no more or less a “cartoon” than anything American-made.

I have yet to come across anyone who can explain what they mean when something looks “too anime” or what a “weeb game” is. It’s all just biased talk; like whatever happened to “don’t knock something till you try it?”. Some people did legitimately try FFXIV and couldn’t get into it and that’s fine. Then we have those that look at a couple of screenshots and turn it down.

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Yes, the term was originally created to refer mainly to bizarrely extreme, highly vocal fandom of anime and/or Japanese pop culture — basically the western equivalent of the group that the Japanese refer to as “anime otaku”: anime-obsessed basementlord types with no social awareness.

That’s a far cry from someone who enjoys anime/manga/J-styled games, but also enjoys western media and is generally a well-adjusted individual who keeps their hobbies to themselves in social situations when not explicitly asked.

I will say that Worgen >>>> Hrothgar.

And I love anime and JRPGs.

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