People never wanted "meaningful choices". Instead, people wanted hard, complex choices

As it is right now, it is so freaking no-brainer to decide which trait, talent or soulbind you are going to pick.

I understand that balancing a game is hard, but for a multibillionaire company that has data gathered from millions of players everyday, that is not an excuse. It is hard to balance, not impossible.


You can always enjoy classic :sun_with_face:

I got old and need casual stuff.

Yes, complex choice of go to icyveins and do that.



personally I just want to be able to log on and raid or run M+ without worrying about three different tertiary systems.


Static game design does not mean things are balanced.

The issue is that choosing a covenant is like a Survival Hunter talent tree. You got Tip of the Spear and Mongoose bite. Sure, you may think Tip of the Spear is cooler but Mongoose bite is always BiS and you wonder why it’s not baseline.

There is no meaningful choice there, there will always be a best.

Besides, can anyone remind me why we, the Maw Walker, in a cause to help all of the realms recuperate from their Anima draught so things can go back working normally again only get to borrow the power of a single covenant? I mean, Jesus, Shadowlands is full of egoistical people, they could have landed their powers combined and made us really strong, but no, we gotta ally with a single one of them…

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Thats 9.3.

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Oh yeah.

“The [Insert sub-factions here] are all working together towards the contribution of [Insert borrowed power here] to greatly increase our efforts against [Insert villain here] all powers are at your disposal [Insert demi-god character’s title here].”

You’ve done this before. :wink:

Oh look at this, I’m a night fae warrior, so unique and-


There’s another one over there


Why did we need to be locked to these again?

Oh yeah, personal identity or something

My class gets to drink Bonedust Brew. Which is amazing.


When I think of RPG and choices, I typically think of story and world changing choices, not gear and power.

The only time power is tied to a choice in RPGs is when it’s some choice like;

“Save this village and you’ll get the good ending, or eat this baby and have an overpowered sword.”

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Aaaah, one of those money fixes everything types eh? Take it from a Goblin. It doesn’t. Some things are just to fundamental an issue that any amount of money or data points will not ever really fix it.


And they could see what we’re saying about this, delay the expansion, and work on how all these story pieces connect and conflict

But nah, iF wE wAnT cHoIcE mEaN sOmEtHiNg It HaVe To PoWeR

Analyze and break down beloved rpgs, and ask yourself how many times it forced a choice like this on you

In mass effect 2 you get to pick a special gun when you get on a collector ship, but at no point does it affect how the story plays out

You simply get to pick a cool new gun

This make me kek harder!

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I love people who try to talk for everyone else. I don’t want hard complex choices at all. I have a real life and and real job. I play WoW to relax.