People don’t like what they don’t understand

People leveling their 2nd, 3rd or 4th+ alt don’t want to waste a month plus leveling it, dungeon boosts can get you to 60 within a week.

People flask and use consumes in raids, why? Because they don’t want to sit in BWL for 3+ hours.

People want world buffs, why? More dps, more healing, more threat output resulting in better clear times and more smooth raids.

People premade in BGs, why? They want social interaction while pvping and or want to stomp non premades.

People multi-box, why? They find it fun, relaxing, stimulating.

None of this is wrong, play the game how you want to play it.


can you hear the snarling wolves? people don’t like this thread imo…


Counterpoint: Play in a lame fashion, expect to be called lame.


Counter-counterpoint: Call people lame, don’t expect your opinion to carry more weight than it actually does.

A person can make an argument why obtaining world buffs is lame just as easy as to why it’s not. It’s subjective and it depends on your personal goals and what kind of players you surround yourself with. That’s literally all there is to it.


counter-counter-counterargument: there’s more to it than you think - because what’s to it is subjective.

i’m getting banned, aren’t I?

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with complaining about those things. Expressing an emotion or opinion is healthy.

I do think there’s plenty wrong with asking for these things to be removed to force others to play the way you want to. That’s where it crosses a line for me.


Yeah, but then it takes away a potential party member looking to do quests for Dungeons. And also has the potential to cause players to leave servers and causes the server to “die slowly”.

Subjectively speaking, yes, but some people do not view the content as “a race”.

Yes, these are all true. But if you are convinced that you NEED these things in order to clear content, you’re basically saying, “I can’t do this”.

People do not do premades for the social interaction, it’s purely for rep grinding and trying to maximize your HpH.

I guess, but pretty sad to take up x player slots because you don’t want to play a game that is supposedly a “social game”.


I understand it just fine, I just don’t like the potential some of it has to ruin the game.

Boosting leaves experienced players in dungeons AFK - either abusing good intentions from guildies trying to help until those guys burn out from putting way more work than they should into someone else’s toon, or providing gold to the mages.

Mages use that gold to boost their own alts or price fix the AH to make more gold.

Players new to Classic try the game, but have no experienced players to show them the way, they try to find dungeons to experience the content or do elite quests that can’t be solo’d - get frustrated - move on.

Small guilds can’t fight attrition because they do not attract experienced players and there’s no new blood coming into the game.

Players from those small guilds still trying to do it wind up in competitive guilds that gear for efficiency, get frustrated with the culture, and quit the game.

Logging with world buffs contributes to all kinds of stuff that’s bad for the open world - not from the large guilds who do it efficiently and have a bunch of NEETs playing alts while their mains are logged - but from the guilds who are casual and just enjoy parsing. Ironforge . pro stats become skewed, people seek new homes based on flawed statistics and push imbalance further one way or the other.

Premades stomp casual players in an unfair setting and push them away from enjoying PVP.

tl;dr the community destroys itself - usually around it’s own set of interests.

Post Naxx Classic is going to be a wasteland of mages ambling around fighting over Black Lotus while they boost their warrior alts to try and continue clearing the content. XD


I truly do not expect my opinion to have any impact whatsoever on those who would play lamely.


I like the way you think about the various topics.

I understand that some things from certain perspectives can ruin the fun for other people, but is one desire more important than another? That seems to be my biggest concern when I see these topics come up on their own and it feels like they are saying in a nice way, “If you don’t play how I like, YOU ARE WRONG!”

I like your last line the most, play the game how you want to play it. I would add to it that until things change, voice your opinions and try to find ways to still enjoy your experience.

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It’s not that bad, really.

Sometimes people don’t like what they do understand. That said, boost, flask, premade, multibox; idgaf, do whatever you want to do within the rules.

People buying boosts aren’t going to join your party to clear Deadmines.


For most confusing sentence of 2020


Multiboxing I understand having complaints about. Maybe premades. But I don’t get people complaining about world buffs and flasks. Like, they don’t affect you. If you don’t want to get them, you do not have to.

And before you say “Well guilds expect them” I will state first that not all guilds do. If you are expecting to be able to raid in the top guilds on the server without doing what is necessary to be the top, you aren’t very smart.

False. there a big difference between me and some guildies doing AB after raid together for fun, and a honor farming premade.

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IMO the OP makes good points with pretty much everything. People can play how they want as long as it doesn’t violate the TOS. There are for sure tons of threads arguing about people simply playing how they want and that’s the whole point of this thread.

In response to Oriendaria, as fun as it is to play devils advocate - just a few comments. First, the people boosting might not even be making another character if it weren’t for the boosting, and if they did there is no guarantee that they’d be running the lowbie dungeons.

I would not have had a strong motivation to finish my rank grind without premades. I hated pugging solo. I truly enjoyed the social interaction of playing with premades while ranking. You need to stop talking for tens of thousands of people as if you know what everyone is thinking because you don’t. ALSO the OP said some people do it because they “want to stomp non-premades” which is what you just said.

Oh so multi-boxers who want to play solo (which is perfectly fine by the way) should group up because it’s a social game. However, pvpers who enjoy grouping up do not enjoy the social aspects because for some reason PVPing is all about farming HKs and the social aspect is irrelevant. Got it.


100% true.

Some people lack tolerance and then attack those they don’t agree with or understand. This is alarming, though perhaps a result of low IQ people accessing the Internet.

I agree with almost everything, but this:

Is really lame. You’re farming for hours every week to clear BWL 10 minutes faster.


You know what I dont like.

Trying to level my hunter looking for ZF groups only to be bombarded in the LFG for WTS ZF RUNS 20G NO LOOT NO SUMMON or some other dungeon which people flood for leveling over and over.

I’d like to see channels used for their proper usage, LFG is not trade chat.

As for everything else, let people get world buffs, premade or multibox as long as it wont effect my ability to play the game… Which some of these things have already caused.