People assume Blizz is technically able to offer server transfers now

I can’t recall exactly where, but I recall reading a dev say that they would consider allowing server transfers at some point down the road. That suggests to me that this is not a feature that they can just flip a switch on and have it working in a day or two. Just because server transfers are up and running on BFA doesn’t mean it is also ready to go under the Classic server architecture.

It’s such an obvious decision to implement server transfers in Classic that technical hurdles seems like the most likely explanation for their failure to do so to date. This would also explain why no blue poster has addressed the issue- it doesn’t look very good for PR purposes to admit you were caught unprepared to deal with an issue.


Because the sunk cost of character progression vs server reputation amongst the playerbase (AKA being a jerk) is undermined by the anonymity that transfers and name changes allow.

When you can’t escape a bad reputation, it discourages you from being a toxic A-hole.

Transfers were a bad thing for the game and I hope they never come back. Just don’t be a jerk and you shouldn’t have a problem.

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The people I know on Herod who want server transfers are those who rarely get to play because of the queues and whose friends play on the server and they don’t want to leave them. They don’t want to transfer to escape accountability for being a jerk- they just want to play the game with their friends. Free server transfers would allow both them and their friends to transfer together.


then they should reroll. What do they value more - a mega server with a queue, or playing with old friends?

No shortcuts in Vanilla…

Also, first week molten core has come and gone, so the rush will likely start to reduce now…

Go ahead and hammer this into your head. Server transfers are going to show up at some point. It has already been hinted at several times. It has more pros than it does cons. Even more so if they limit how often you can do it.

Transfers first showed up in 2006. With a 6 month cool down between transfers.

Just because they are different game world environments, it does not mean the server architecture is any different in regard to characters/servers.

Are you new here? Doing the obvious is not typically done by blizzard, and no, technical limitations are not the common reason.

That is blizzard’s MO.

How do you believe this disastrous roll-out makes them look?

The optics are of a company willfully ignorant of their playerbase. This is not even remotely new for the company to look like this. They abjectly ignored the hordes of people saying they wanted classic, up till the end ignored the outcry for RPPVP servers, ignore the outcry for early AV, ignore the outcry for earlier non-nerfed content, hell they apparently ignored beta-testers who reported that 5 man dungeons could be exploited XP-wise with raids.

Again I ask: are you new here?

oooh boy might want to delete post.




lol talk about instantly being proven wrong


Actually, the fact that they say it’s going to be “in the coming days” suggests that they don’t just have a switch ready to flip. And if it was a good idea today, it was a good idea last Wednesday. This makes me convinced they were working hard behind the scenes to code the transfer mechanisms and didn’t have them ready to go.

I never said they would never be able to do it- that would be absurd.

ez clap


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Ok, so you tell me- why don’t they just offer the transfers tonight? To build up suspense?

How will this help unless they create more servers. Most are high or full at 6 pm est.

I’m glad they can do something like this but refuse to give free transfers to people stuck on dead realms with all their alts on retail RIP