Pausing game time during unplayable high key weeks

So, anyone else mainly a m+ player and dread seeing certain affixes that just make 24+ keys not worth the trouble because in two weeks you get a combo like bursting/storming?

I hate seeing 1-2 weeks in the future being really annoying/not push weeks but still pay for game time even though I’m not doing any content that I want to do or not even logging in. I really do hate some of these affixes because they make the experience less fun and almost taunt me to not play the game.

Of course, this is just another rant on the staleness of m+ while being a 3400+ player. But in this case, some the affixes are actually costing me real life money. How can the player-base advocate for a way in which this doesn’t occur…

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Would you like a daily or weekly payment option? Maybe something that keeps track of how many days you logged in that month and charge you pro rated?

Ike this week with sanguine and grievous. Just completely not fun as a tank when done mobs can’t be moved easily

I’m not even that high of IO and any week with explosive is just NOPE… I know it’s not hard to deal with but tell that to pugs!


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Simple solution, make enough money that wasting that sub doesn’t matter?

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I’m not at that high of a level, but I actually think players at all levels get really sick of the punishing affixes.

It’s been done to death, but I think that there are better solutions to affixes. For instance, we have like 8-9 seasonal affixes now. Why not just drop 80% of the hated affixes, and use seasonal affixes as the weekly reset. Fill in 1 or 2 rotations with the “regular” affixes you kept.

For instance, in a new season you’d get:

  • week 1: awakened
  • week 2: reaping
  • week 3: infernal
  • week 4: infested
  • week 5: beguiling (maybe forget this one lol)
  • week 6: bolstering volcanic (or whatever they decide to keep)
  • week 7: etc…

Every season they can either add a new seasonal weekly affix, or something that happens every week that’s additional to these.

Why the hell would you include this affix in anything?

I’m gonna preface all this by stating that I feel you guys. Some affixes are just atrocious to play and it really does tank the interest in playing that week. Especially since lately those awful weeks seem to land on Fortified, making it additionally frustrating.

I like that affixes add variety to the way things are played, but it’s also very frustrating to have your momentum effectively tanked by a very punishing combo.

With that said…

Sanguine takes more grief than it should I think. It’s a very easy affix to deal with because the behaviour is 100% predictable and known. When the mob dies, it will drop a puddle under its feet. You are generally in control of where that mob is and you are generally in control of when that mob dies.

To respond to the quoted… while some mobs aren’t easy to move, many others in the pack are. If you can’t move a mob and there is a danger of a puddle being dropped into it, move the mob that’s about to die. This is especially true if a mob is going to go into a cast. The shards in HoA or the purple cone of doom dudes in DoS come to mind. A lot of classes also have abilities that will reposition enemies, such as typhoon and ring of piece, but even mortal coil can help here.

Sanguine is not a trivial affix, but it’s not the most frustrating either. It does require some forethought and attention but it’s definitely not a skip week.

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There’s nothing fun about last weeks affix’s or this weeks for that matter. Glad V Rising came out, because that has been taking up 90% of my attention. All affix’s shouldn’t be free, but bolstering is cumbersome enough on a tyrannical week so we’re already having to slow down, and explosives on top of it is going to keep a lot of my attention. The combination of the 3 isn’t hard to deal with, but it certainly slows down the pace of the dungeon making keys that we would normally time with ease a struggle, not on difficulty but on time. That’s generally my problem with some of these affix’s / combinations. We should always have to respect them and base our strategies around them but when they do nothing but slow you down it’s just tedious. Bolstering on tyr weeks for example is no problem. Throw in explosives though and you have to watch how you pull or there will be too many explosives for the group to keep up with. Sanguines not a big deal, but throw it on a fortified week and it’s a pita with all of the mobs that just stand there casting spells that can’t be kicked or displaced such as the goliaths in spires when they recharge. Sanguine is also incredibly annoying with grievous, while grievous by itself isn’t a problem. The next month looks great.

I wholeheartedly disagree. Last week was super chill in every dungeon except HOA. (Fortified shards with sang and grievous is a huge pain). I, no cap, love sang. I often get bored in the tank and spank repetitive tanking, at least sang gave me something to think about.

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All I’m asking is can they please pause my subscription when they do updates all day and i can’t log in at all.;

Yeah, I would also like the 17 cents that I’m paying for the 8 hours of maintenance. Oh wait, never mind, it’s only 17 cents and it’s in the ToS for the subscription anyway.