Pathing concern for DF Class and Spec trees

Shown in today’s update:

As with the previous class tree, I’m concerned about the lack of cross-selection pathing in the Rogue trees, in comparison to the pathing available on other classes.

Specifically, there are zero options to move from any of the three rows to another (once passed the 8 point limit). If I had decided to move down any of the three paths, I am limited from deviating to other options.

It honestly feels like there needs to be a connection from Virulent Poisons and Imp Ambush/Nightstalker (now Tight Spender?) to Acrobatic Strikes, and another from Lethality and Alacrity to Echoing Reprimand to open pathing which does feature in other designs.

The spec trees do have similar pathing issues.



The new tree is an improvment but still has issues. Why is MFD ect still behind 2 point nodes?
I also agree with the pathing issue



It really needs connections from the 6th and 8th row branches to allow movement away from the main columns.

This would really allow some freedom of choice, and diversity of build.

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Our class tree has some of the worst pathing options of any class. It’s really awful.


By far.

DH is only slightly limited, as is Warrior. But nothing in the way Rogue is restrictive.

Checking out other trees, and it really stands out.

Too much is focused on the tree’s shape (a skull or mask?), and not enough on functionality.

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Probably the best comparison point I could make is the rogue class tree feels like the wrath tree in the since that you just fill it in to get to the bottom and don’t really have any choice to skip anything. Actually I’d say they are more restrictive and have even less choice than the wrath trees lol. Wrath trees you could move a little on choices this you just have to get everything in a line to get down with no choice at all.

Which from what the dev said himself isn’t what these trees are supposed to be like which makes the very state of the current tree confusing.

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Good point. I’d go one further and say the initial trees reminded me of Cata where you couldn’t even mess with extra points until your main spec was done. Obviously it wasn’t that strict, but it felt like it was nudging us in a similar direction. IE, race to bottom for a spec-appropriate capstone, figure out the rest later.

Opening it up could be tricky too. Even something simple like a row8 bridge could lead to unintended consequences. Like, maybe some snakey path to ER or whatever could end up with more throughput talents than one of the linear paths? Granted, ER could probably use the help lol, but we might regret it if ER became the meta. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not saying this couldn’t be fixed with enough time, but launch is getting kinda close…

Just point out realz made his first post in the rogue thread ever right after that stream. I feel like it did something…

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Looking at today’s pathing changes. Sub a little better, the others still have issues.

The update for the class tree connection being only just after the 8 point node is laughable, and glazes over the issue.

Compare the pathing freedom of other classes to Rogue, and it really does stand out. Especially for a class that is focused on melee DPS for all specs.

Given that he said something but not wanting to have to rebalance the dps nodes to make the connections (because of the extra time it would take). So I think this is all were gonna get on connections. Is what he did better yes but you do have to remember where were coming from and almost anything would have been better.

When you start at 0 it’s easy to go up. Some of the new connections class and spec trees look like they were added just so you could say look more connections. I don’t think anyone was looking to skip fleet footed or shadowstep or cheatdeath/elusiveness meanwhile below those.

Also I really hope recuperator got nice buff moving that low but I’d bet on it staying the same…

All that said I’m glad to see he put some real work and some nice changes in after ignoring it for over month completely.

If you check out the DH Class tree (linked below), you’ll see it’s shape is very similar to the Rogue tree (both by Realz).

How is it the DH Class tree is able to function with cross pathing options?

As I said at this point I think time is the issue, almost as if stopping 100% was a bad idea.

As he has said if he makes all the new connections to the dps nodes he would have to take the time to rebalance all of it. Which seems to be something not on the table.