Pathetic Faction Balance Management (Again)

There is a hang up with most PvP players about dying that has always been prevalent in this game.
They take it personally. I could never understand this.

Yes, and especially to this part. If people are going to get butthurt about having someone to fight against, let them cry it out.

This guy gets it.


Can I get a blue post on why blizzard is trying to kill not only my server but a handful of others by allowing certain factions to die?

They put the tools in players’ hands. That players shoot their own eyes out is not Blizzard’s problem.

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I remember you OP, from the following ridiculously named post you made at August 17:

Despite the blatant lie in the title, you correctly state

Note that this post was made at August 17th, 10 days before the Classic launch.

So, you sir, “Oh I care about the balance so much” have chosen, with full information on faction distribution, to roll horde on a 60:40 H:A server.

You are the worst sort of hypocrite.

You are the reason why Herod will be a PVE server with a single faction in one month. You personally. And hypocrites like you.

You said in one of your previous crocodile tear posts that you will not reroll alliance on Herod since you don’t want delete your dear raid geared level 60…

Well, you don’t have to. You have been blessed OP! Since there are free realm transfers from Herod to Heartseeker at this very moment, you can preserve your oh so dificult to obtain gear and transfer to an underrepresented faction at Heartseeker, and finally create an alliance toon on Herod. If you do so, I personally will give you 20 gold to help you start up.

But you will not do so. Because you are a virtue signalling hypocrite, as evidenced by your post history. So unless you miraculously transfer, don’t ever post about faction balance again, you lost all legitimacy.

If I ever see you farming likes with your false tears again, I’ll keep relinking the same post.



That doesn’t sound fun.


ah, thought there was. I haven’t seen world pvp/ganking in so many years I forgot how it worked I guess lol

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I exaggerated a bit. There are some very organized good alliance guilds on Herod, and they don’t plan to transfer. But for the rest… Herod is tough.

If WOW didn’t have PVP I would not play.

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'no one" Me and my friends waiting for the free xfer opening up to HS horde from Skeram.

You speak for your self.

We’re too late for that with the planned cross realm battlegrounds.

They were the only ingame incentive to evening factions to balance queue times. As it stands the majority alliance on Heartseeker will also enjoy the liberty of lower queue times as a part of the collective minority.
They already have overwhelming numbers on us here, can’t imagine when they’re gearing faster too.

Yeah kinda sucks, the only way to encourage balance servers is really giving benefits to those in the imbalance system like choosing when and where to pvp such as server only bgs.
By that faster que times shorter makers it easier on less dominate faction like you said.
If only they would think about how just as the mount training we got was in classic most of the time, that so was server bgs. But the people who joined blizzard as developers after classic wow were mostly pve lovers and haters of wPvP,

The whole free transfers probably made balance worse, but then again I hardly seen alliance players on my realm until layers were remove and there is so many of them. I play on a pvp server so leveling my first 60 never got a chance to pvp because of layers hiding enemy faction.

[Pathetic Faction Balance Management (Again)]

I agree that Blizzard has done NOTHING in Classic for the purpose of “faction balance management”. I just disagree with your title. It isn’t “pathetic” if it doesn’t exist. They didn’t “do poorly” on something they didn’t do at all. You are doing a pathetic job of learning Hungarian! Pathetic! Shame on you!

Is there an actual solution, that does not violate more-important game principles that Blizzard follows?

If there is, why not state it and propose it to Blizzard? It doesn’t make sense to complain “they didn’t fix it” if there is no fix.


They are now restricting transfers to Horde only:

It’s one small step in the right direction, however, to achieve balance, they’ll need to implement multiple methods to get players moving, and it will take time. I hope they’re committed to doing that.

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I think at this point, the ONLY way to fix the imbalance is to keep offering horde-only transfers until it is fixed.

I’d even be open to the idea of Alliance-only transfers from PvE servers to help faction balance on PvP realms.


I’d like to loop back and drop in this thread to raise a toast to all the pro-imbalance retail clowns of this thread that were quite vocal about this being a player-based issue.

Seems like Blizz deemed our cause a just one, horde transfers only (Heartseeker) are open boys, just as I’ve been advocating.

OP, we did it. Balance will be restored. Good hunting boys and happy spending on store mounts for the retailers!

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Right… Herod was looking to be in a great spot during pre-launch. Then, they carelessly opened up transfers for both factions, and the Alliance left at a disproportional rate.

That’s what’s so frustrating. If they would have allowed Horde only transfers (like what they’re doing now), we may very well be looking at a near balanced server today.

There’s nothing hypocritical about wanting to stick with the faction I’ve been playing for the last decade. I also joined a Classic guild back in April before having any idea how balance would look. The problem isn’t that I, Warstorm, am not willing to make a change. The problem is that faction populations are disproportionately distributed, and are locked out of being able to go where they are most needed.

This is a solvable problem. There are Alliance who would transfer if given the choice, and there are Horde who would faction change if given the choice. My whole argument is to let those who are willing to transfer or faction change do so, and then let’s see where we stand.

Okay, so, two important things here:

  1. A small imbalance, something like 55:45, is reasonable because it still allows for great WPvP. But most servers have a far greater disparity, more like 65:35, or even worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if some are more like 75:25 right now. That’s when things start getting bad, because when you have 1 Alliance and multiple Horde standing next to each other, neither side wants to engage. The Horde will feel like losers for attacking with such a huge advantage, and the Alliance doesn’t want to be put on a res timer, so everyone just goes their separate ways. So a small imbalance is okay, but anything worse than 60:40 starts to become significant.

  2. A big part of why imbalance exists is because Blizzard let it happen when they opened server transfers to everyone (instead of just the dominant faction) on overpopulated servers. There are enough Alliance PvPers to at least keep things close, but Blizzard allowed them to funnel to the wrong places. 60:40 is a critical point, where the imbalance starts to feel bad for everyone. If a server is 60:40, they should never allow the 40% faction to leave. Instead, they should focus on either decreasing the 60% faction, or adding to the 40% faction. But they didn’t even try to do that. They just opened the gates for everyone, so of course the faction that was having a harder time left in higher numbers, making things worse. There’s absolutely no reason they couldn’t have had a free faction transfer (for the dominant faction) set up to provide additional help. If people want to make a change to help, then let them. Blizzard isn’t letting them. That’s a problem.

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While I am not bothered by Blizzard doing it (though, the way they did it with breaking guilds up, etc and not announcing it was terrible), I seriously doubt this will restore any type of balance. Not without extra incentives to get Horde players to transfer. If they didn’t transfer when Alliance players were, they are sure not going to transfer when its Horde only.