Path of Ascension - Trial of Humility

This fights are way ovetuned, I had 380 medallions and now I am down to 30.

I simply gave up on Mad Mortimer fight ( doing it with Kleia ) I don’t know how to beat this boss, most of the videos show it done with bugs. Its very frustrating to do, bosses have over 400k hp and most of their skills are bugged. If you are lucky to bug the small adds from the blob into pilar while 3 bosses are active and reset them all but the frost guy… you will win. But its almost impossible to replicate. The poison debuff from 2nd boss randomly stacks even if you are standing on frozen ground, his charge sometimes go instant, and the list goes one.

I am tiered of bashing my head against the wall. Some tuning has to be done to all bosses, and the way players can get the medallions, if you want to farm them you have to spend days to get 20 of them if not more.


I’m just waiting on renown to make it easier rather than hoping for blizzard to actually care :confused:

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Some of these were doable prior to 9.0 when you could power up before the fight. I managed to clear all of them with Kleia and most with Mikanikos. Now it’s just not doable for me. Also since 9.1 Mikanikos starts with 0 energy instead of 100 so it’s a double whammy when you pick him.

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Its also cd you randomly and you lose all your chars.

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Sweet mog, dude. I love how the warmongering set fits right in with kyrian armor.


Thank you! It really does match well.

Trial of Humility definitely needs some tweaks. Cause as you said, the vast majority of guides were done while using bugs, expliots, powering up via Turnip Punching Bag(or whatever toy it was). Renown definitely helps, but with some of the fights, it feels like we’d need 200 Renown for Kleia and Mikanikos to stand a chance, lol.

Not only tweaks … but actually a good tuning. Half of the bugs are still there and the Disconnects which happen almost every attempt on some bosses.

In my experience doing the Trial of humility, the only bosses that really need tuning fixes are Echthra and Mad Mortimer. These were the only ones where I had to use glitches or cheese strats to complete. Such as kiting Echthra into a corner slightly off the area for Mik and causing the reset glitch for Mad Mortimer as Kleia and Mik.

The Lich one is a pain as both Kleia and Mik as you cannot go into melee range (she auto attacks like a trunk) but you can stand directly on her when she does the death blossom. It is easier as Mik as you can just go back onto Bron but for Kleia I do not recommend it, as you can still get hit by the death blossoms when you leap over them.

Mad Mortimer definitely needs to be looked at and be tuned appropriately. Tried it over 50 times tonight and it’s impossible without these cheese videos.

your pride blinds you.

The whole batch of Trail of Humility fights in general feel overtuned (and in the case of Athanos brokenly buggy to the point I can’t even engage with the mob). For the Night Fae to plant a seed and wait around…to farmville for Venthyr and Necrolord. And then there is THIS. If I wanted to run Mage Tower, I’d go to the Mage Tower. Some of these fights are broken, some are over tuned, and others feel impossible (for a mini-game that is suppose to be a weekly).

Agree. As a covenant feature, this is so broken. Just let me plant a seed or do weekly quests (cough cough)!

What makes it even more boring is that to unlock all the armour types, you have to repeat the thing. It’s 4 of the same vehicle grinds.

I finished the path of ascension stuff in a weekend. It took a full year of doing Ember Courts to get those achievements.

Kor&Dab on youtube made fantastic guides for all of these fights.

I am impressed you did this in a weekend. I’ve been working on this for months. Also, what is your work-around for all the bugs?
(1) Athanos does not interact with Mikanos (the bird),
(2) Craven will occassionally cover the entire floor red, instead of just 3/4 floor
(3) Spider boss’s spider adds do not always die when struck by Pelagos abilities

My experience with this proves that it was never, or rarely, tested. It feels buggy, overtuned, and makes doing anything on any other covenant ridiculous. (Hello, Night Garden)

I remember sort of cheezing the Spider boss with Pelagos by standing on a flower pot and hitting it with your ranged attack. The only other cheese was Mad Mortimer. You can range the slime guys and get them to attack you one at a time. Craven was hard, but all 3 of them can beat him if you get a perfect fight.

The Kor&Db videos really helped.

Hell yes the path of ascension was harder than the other covenants, but at least there wasn’t a grind is all I’m saying.

Updating here - Athanos is still bugged out with Mikanos on Humily difficulty.