Patch 10.10 Notes: Another great year of notes!

I gotta say, my favorite by far was:

The Swift Retribution talent no longer gives attack speed in PvP. Now when you kill another player, Swift Retribution causes your character to announce: “I’m the problem; it’s me”.

I snorted and immediately made a macro on my pally every time HoW is used to scream: “Its me hi, Im the problem, its me!” hahahahahaha

Other favorites!

  1. All elf races are now eligible for the ‘Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins’ title.
  1. To reduce the total size of game files, Will of the Illidari has been renamed Willidari.
  1. Tyranny now applies taxation to the target without representation.
  1. Blink now has 182 charges.
  1. Warlock
  • No changes necessary; possibly forever.

Good job guys! What are YOUR FAVORITES!!!


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