<Part Time Heroes> 10/12M 12/12H Casual Raid Team LF DPS

US-Hyjal <Part Time Heroes> is recruiting! We are a casual raiding guild focused on building a strong community of friends, while still progressively raiding. We are an adult guild but we don’t take things, or ourselves, too seriously. We’ve cleared heroic and gotten AotC as a guild in all raid tiers in BFA, including Heroic Nya’lotha, the Waking City, and plan to continue this success into Shadowlands and beyond!

We refer to ourselves as an AotC+ guild. This means that while our main focus as a raid team is achieving AotC, we do intend to progress into Mythic once Heroic is cleared, typically aiming to down the first handful of bosses in Mythic every tier. If Mythic raiding is not something you’re interested in however, you are still welcome to progress through Heroic with us all the same!

As a guild, we are mostly focused on the PvE aspects of the game: Raiding and Mythic +. We have a few groups of people who push multiple 10+ keys a week, who are always looking to improve and grow. However, we also have a few people who casually do rated arenas and RBGs for fun.

Part Time Heroes is also an open LGBTQ friendly guild . We strive to maintain an inclusive community that supports everyone. We have several open members and welcome all who are looking to join our growing community.

Important Stuff:

Raid Times : Thursday 8pm-11pm and Monday 8pm-10pm Server (PST).

Voice/Website : Discord

Loot System : Loot Council for any unwanted gear

We use the addon RC Loot Council to pass out extra loot, and our officers keep track of who receives loot each night. Raiders are encouraged to keep track of their BiS items and tier pieces, and use the note feature of RCLC to inform us when a BiS item for them drops. We always try to be as fair as possible when distributing loot.

Attendance : Real life happens and we understand that. While we would love to have everyone attend raid 100% of the time, we understand it isn’t always feasible. If real life calls, handle your business! All we ask is that you let us know in our AFK channel on discord at least an hour before raid to give the officers a chance to properly prepare.

Part Time Heroes supplies Raid Consumables (food and flasks), Gems, and Enchants to all Raiders. We do appreciate donations to keep all this flowing.

We are currently recruiting the following:

DPS (especially w/ Healing Spec):

Elemental or Enhancement Shaman (Resto OS)
Feral or Balance Druid (Resto OS)
Windwalker Monk (MW OS)
Fury or Arms Warrior

All classes and specs will be considered, however the above is currently preferred. Capable offspecs are a big plus!

For those who are interested in raiding, we prefer you to be at least ilvl ~450 before raiding. We are willing to help gear those of you who are interested via Raiding and Mythic +, but a lot of the responsibility is up to you as well.

If you’re interested and want to know more, feel free to send one of our officers a bnet friend request to set up a chat!

Contact Info:

GM/Recruitment : Tyr - Panda507#1655

Raid Leader : Lemon - Genuinejerk#1975

Loot Master : Faun - Fauntastic#1168

PVP Officer : Taynis - Amalric#1904


Bumpity bump

LF Tank!!!

Is it ok to join just as a casual player?

Hi Kathraa,

Sorry for the late reply! Yes we are always open to casual players. Feel free to reach out to one of us ingame and we’ll shoot you an inv!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hello! By chance are you considering any warlocks? I’d like to find a guild before the new raid launches, I’ve been guildless for far too long.

Hi Denotis, sorry I didn’t see this til now… We are always accepting casuals and applicants for all raid spots! Reach out in game and let’s chat!

Bump for 8.3!

Still need tank for 8.3 ? i put out request if so

Currently looking for more DPS!


455ish AOTC player looking for raiding/mythic+ guild. Raiding times are perfect.

Main - Havoc DH/Tank

Hi Exeqt,

Sorry we didn’t see this sooner! We are back on the market for a tank! If you are still on the hunt for a new team/home, please shoot me a msg via bnet. Looking forward to hearing from you!


LF tentacle slapping tank

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Do you tank? Hit us up!

LF DPS for Mythic Progression

Bump for DPS!

bump for newness!

If you are looking for DH, I can tank/DPS. would like to get back into mythic for shadowlands, but would also be down for heroic rn.

Hi Thathenus, thanks for your reply. Hit me up on btag, lets chat!