Pally/DH: Covenant choice help!

Lining up some alts to play now and into 9.2 and I’m gunna go with my Pally(lvl 60) and DH(still leveling).

I want to round out my Covenent selection and ain’t really one to switch around. My DK Main is in Maldraxus and my Lock main alt is Night Fae.

So, I mainly play Mythic Plus and I’m trying to decide between Kyrian/Venthyr to drop my Pally/DK.

Kyrian is supposed to be great for Vengeance.

And Venthyr is good for Holy Pally.

My issue is that I tank/heal about 60/40 on my Paladin and I’m curious if Venthyr would be okay for M+ Prot Pally? I imagine it would be great on bosses on Tyrannical weeks.

Is my plan sound or is there a better argument to go Pally/Kyrian and Vengeance/Venthyr?

I 99.99% sure why I’m likely gunna do but still would love to hear some discussion on the who, what’s and when’s.

Keep in mind I primarily play Mythic plus and Primarily tank, although I do heal a LOT on characters that can

Help a bro out! Thanks!!!