Paladin's Judgment


im not a native english speaker so apology for the imprecise use of the language.

as you see i play a paladin class and as i leveled up i notice something different when i used Judgment ability. unlike crusader strike or templar’s verdict it doest automatically cast & target enemy i want to kill (i need to press tab or click the enemy first then i can use Judgment)

if i fight multiple foes it ended up become a hassle that i need to tab or click next enemy when im trying to focus on the rotation of my abilities

is there any way to make Judgment behaves like crusader strike or templar’s verdict where it automatically target enemy (nearest or the one im facing),cast the ability and start an auto attack?

Hey Gertest, I’m afraid I’m unable to replicate this. I just logged into my Ret Pally and I’m unable to cast Crusader Strike or Templar’s Verdict without a target selected. I receive the “There is nothing to attack” error message. Judgement works exactly the same as both of those abilities, all three require you to have an enemy targeted. The only thing I can think of is you’ve got it macro’d or an addon that is negatively affecting the ability.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, good luck!

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You can probably get the effect you want with a macro.

A simple one would be:

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
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Udiza’s macro does what you’re looking for, but be aware that you will have to double press the key if you are out of combat when you try using it. Otherwise a smooth and easy solution :slight_smile:

As to why judgement behaves like this and Crusader Strike or Templar’s Verdict does not, is most likely because Judgment is a ranged ability, whereas the other two are melee abilities.

To avoid frustration from accidentally pulling something that you didn’t mean to, ranged abilities in the game do not auto-target like melee abilities do. Hope that clears things up!

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Hi folks thanks for the replies

yes i have tried making a macro like Udiza’s post

and yes it works,

sorry to bother you all, it’s just my earlier mmo doesn’t need targeting to cast the skill so my fingers been wired to play like that

Gonna have to be honest, your English is better than about 50% of the native English speakers I see on the internet :joy:

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I’ll be honest. If you don’t learn how to tab target it will significantly hurt your performance forever.

First, you should be holding down the right mouse button to turn. If your moving your mouse to click a target you can’t turn, and that’s a major problem. Clicking targets is also slower than tab targeting once you get used to it. Clicking can also miss or hit an unattended target.

For all dps and tanks, it’s important to change the A and D keys to strafe left and right. This allows you to move sideways while facing the same direction. Hold the right mouse button to turn, which is much faster than turn keys.

Please for the love of god force yourself to learn to tab target now so your not gimped forever. You’ll get used to it pretty quickly!

I use the term “tab target” generically referring to using a key to target, but I don’t use “Tab”… I think my layout will be easier for you, and it also increases performance for anyone. I learned this many moons ago and it was the best move I ever made.

Reassign move keys to ESDF. Why?

  1. This setup is logistically superior with your hand in the middle of the left side of the keyboard. You can easily and quickly reach 5,6,t,g,b,v. The less distance traveled the faster you hit keys and the less mistakes.

  2. Q to target. The pinky naturally rests on A. Since you’ll have a frequently used skill assigned to A, you’ll git good moving the pinky up one spot to target with Q…also using pinky for skills on Z, Shift, and Tab.

  3. The easiest to reach keys for skills will be: w,r,t,g,v,b,c,x,z,b,tab,1,2,3,4,5

Edit: you should also be using Blade of Justice from range. not sure if you have that skill yet. Oh, and many times you need to cycle to specific targets (exp, casters) so auto targeting won’t work.