Paladins Hating Mages

In Day of the Dragon, a theme that’s been coming up as I read it is that Paladins really hate the Arcane.

Several knights of the Silver Hand encounter Vareesa and Rhonin in the woods. While they welcome Vareesa, the call Rhonin “Damned soul” and tell him to keep his hands where they can see them.
Earlier, the book established that while Paladins were willing to work with Wizards, they viewed them only as necessary evils they were willing to tolerate, but not embrace.

This seems to be set a few years after the Second War, so this is still probably a couple decades before World of Warcraft’s setting, but I’m wondering if there’s any further lore on this, or if it’s just a forgotten thread.

I know the Scarlet Crusade used to be prejudiced against the Arcane, and that in older WoW lore, arcane was a chaotic magic and gateway to the fel.


Forgotten thread. There’s not much, if any magical prejudice in modern lore.


This. Even the night elves seem to have utterly dropped the ‘arcane magic is inherently corrupting’ plotline.


Well, it doesn’t make sense for them to to hold such a position when they apparently have no issue accepting Dalaran as an ally. How bad can arcane magic really be if those dreamy humans like it?

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Portals and astral projections brought Sargeras to Azeroth by remote possession of Medivh.

(Observation): Day of the Dragon was written by Knaak, whom was also involved in the Dragonlance saga of novels. This idea of the Church and Mages not getting along was likely taken from the Dragonlance setting, as there was a significant conflict between them and continued mistrust throughout the lifespan of that series, including a War between the Mages and Priests in that setting.

(Commentary): In other words I’d say you’re probably best off taking this as the misguided notion of a few specific individual Paladins/Priests. There hasn’t been anything since then to suggest Mages and Priests do not get along.


I don’t think it was just a Knaak borrowing from Dragonlance thing.

Even in Vanilla, there were references to this line. Human priests had a racial that was anti arcane and one of the quest givers mentioned that the arcane was an enemy of the Light. Arcane magic in and of itself was corrupting, and the note you’d get as a low level mage in Northshire even mentoined this.

I think it was just a lore thread they decided to drop, and not from Knaak himself. Probably something thrown to the wayside as they had playable warlocks and shadow priests etc and focusing on mages as having power that can corrupt them may have felt redundant. There also seemed to be less of a line between the arcane, fel and necromancy back then before the six point cosmology chart thing.


I mean, Paladins hate Mages in PvP because Mages seem to have everything Paladins aren’t good against.

But I don’t think that anti-magic prejudice really exists anywhere in WoW’s current story. Hell, the writers aren’t even very good at writing regular prejudice.


The Paladins were simply showing a strong expression of the general public opinion about the mages of Dalarran. NO ONE TRUSTED THEM. And with good reason. the mages of Dalaran were awash in corruption. Keep in mind that the primary mission of the Guardian was essentially to clean up and bury Dalaran’s dirty laundry. It got to the point where Aegwynn decided that she had enough of Dalaran’s politics and priorities and told them to go screw each other.

Despite the work of Aegwynn and the previous Guardians, rumors spread out. You can only get away with summoning demons on the sly for so long. After enough farmers get brutally murdered… people start talking.

On top of that Rhonin was a rogue mage. So most would assume that he was so corrupt that even by Dalaran’s standards he was no good. And mind you that he was not exiled without reason. Rhonin had engaged in forbidden experiments that cost the life of his apprentice. When they first met, Krasus used Rhonin’s status to as a lever to make him his personal (and at first) less than willing, agent.


I would say those are old outdate views that have probably all but disappeared. Hell, the Alliance at least had their prejudices against wogens, night elves, dreanei, demon hunters, death knights, warlocks and for the most part people have gotten over it.

The idea that Arcane is corrupting doesn’t really fit in with the modern cosmology of Warcraft that Arcane is the energy of Order.

So instead they’ve mostly rewrote it so the only inherent “evil” with Arcane is that it attracts other things looking to feed on it’s energy.


Until it’s destruction, the guards at Darnassus would give you side-eye if you asked about the Mage trainers.


There’s a night elf mage npc in Feralas as well who turned away from the priesthood to study the arcane under the Highborne and was ostracized from her old friends/family for her choice, i’d have to look it up to find the exact details so I might have the specifics slightly off.

In the past Arcane Magic was treated with suspicion and distain for no particular reason.

Now that even warlocks are considered trustworthy allies, mages don’t seem that scary anymore.

Mages are probably the most damaging force Azeroth has ever seen. The Night Elves were right to ban the practice, and it annoys me to all heck that Blizzard is sweeping all that under the rug.

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I think it’s because arcane was a force for chaos up until at least Cataclysm, if not later, then they made the chart and decided it was the magic of order… that I guess attracts chaotic beings.

Seems like they dropped most of their prior threads for the arcane.


Arcane magic is also the force that help saved and shape the world. If not for the titans and their use of the arcane Azeroth would be an Old God buffet. Hell, if not for Rhonin the timeline would have been destroyed by the Old Gods.

At this point all the magical forces(water, fire, undeath, fel even life and light) are more like “neutral” elements and too much of any one of them means Azeroth will die!

Well, there is Tyrande’s “mana addicts” comment in Legion. An it would be fair to say that the issue hasn’t come up again what with Teldrasil and all.

Blizzard, as usual, ignores it when it suits them (like when they want to let Night Elf characters play mages).

I have to say, if you are serious about not gutting NE lore, this should be an issue. Getting a new class seems to have prevented complaints by NE players. But this is core to NE’s. For example, all the bad blood between them and the Blood Elves is based on this. Do they now accept that the exile of the High Elves (and the subsequent suffering and death) was pointless?


The ban on magic was meant to prevent the Legion from finding Azeroth again.

Blood Elves already made that a moot point by teaching Humans magic and leading to the Legion coming back to Azeroth again, at which point the ban on magic was pointless.