Paladins do not deserve a rework

You are doing something wrong if you are being kited as a warrior.


Remember, just keep your Health above 0 while lowering your enemy’s Health to 0. Works every time!


Freedom and steed are both in the gcd. Charge and leap aren’t.

Also steed doesn’t remove slows which means we need to use freedom with steed, both being in the gcd.



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Oopsies forgot that

This guys fried


10char :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Its all part of the melee delusion… Paladins have it worse than anyone. If they have any counter in game, they flood the forums and cry about it until they are made Gods incarnate.

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What a weird thing to say about others, given your post history.

Explain. 10/

I don’t need to explain. Your post history does it for me. Nothing but complaints and crying for buffs.

my favorite part of this post was that you felt the need to add that one extra bubble

Thats what i thought.

First off, this comparison is foolish.

You’re not including the fact that warriors have spear, bladestorm, disarm, and a physical ranged stun on top of what you’ve mentioned already. In addition to that, arms doesn’t really need any sort of “rework”. A bit of tuning and some allocations throughout its damage dealing arsenal is basically what it needs.

Sounds nice, but…

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Skill issue?

And yet Blizzard’s response to Ret survivability this far has been making wings a 1 minute cooldown and making Wake of Ashes a 30 second cd.

Divine Protection baseline is pretty epic, but i’m sure Eye for an Eye is gonna go away.

Based take. With bubble mobility, bubble defensive, bubble damage, and bubble cool looks it really is a no brainer that 5 second cooldown charges can’t compete with that.

It does help warriors though that often ignore pain, impending victory, pain and gain, and fueled by vilence often heal for more than my LOH, shield of ret, wogs, and flash of lights.

I’m sorry the ret gutting dropped some players down to your rating, and now you’re having to play against better players that are touching you against your will. Once the rework is out hopefully things will fix themselves.

If I wanted to start something I would ask if you just claimed that every Ret has a L2P issue. But I wouldn’t do something like that.

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