Paladin Nerfs

There it is boys. Exactly what we expected to happen, happened. No tuning for paladins, just hardcore nerfs, again. Blizzard, can you just delete the class so we can move on with our damn lives?


  • Holy

    • Divine Favor (Honor Talent) cooldown increased to 30 seconds (was 25 seconds), and now increases cast speed by 30% (was 60%).
  • Protection, Retribution

    • Word of Glory’s healing has been reduced by 20% in PVP situations.

And the wrong thing was nerfed… WoG wasn’t remotely a problem, Healing hands and Hand of the Protector were the “problems”, nerfing the base ability just makes Healing Hands even more mandatory than it already was… Every other talent on that row is already dead, and now HH is mandatory just to make WoG even worth casting.


Ya idk why they nerfed the baseline ability itself instead of HH/HOTP. I do think ret is still gonna be in a good spot though.


I don’t really feel like this is a massive nerf to Holy, at least. 25-30 seconds is whatever, but the reduced time is a little bit of a bummer. But honestly, WoG and Holy Shock are a still legit. Our mana also wasn’t touched, and I hear people complain about that the most tbh.

Little surprised Warriors and WW didn’t get touched.

Weird I didn’t see this on the hotfixes. Where did you find it ?

Bahahaha. OH you poor baby!!!

Can any of you other pallies honestly feel bad for this dude?

Its the ONLY class in the game with 3 viable S tier specs.

You have to be joking me here…


I agree that was overdramatic. Beginning to think this is a troll cause I can’t find these changes anywhere.

The changes are on wowhead.

But seriously.

Things that needed nerfing, while not nerfed the right way, werent gutted and hes all like “omg my class isnt completely 1000% op anymore ehat will i dooo???”

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Ah I see upcoming 26th. Better get that glad now eh yeah I agree with the 20%. Sucks but hey needed to happen

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No, it didn’t, Healing Hands may have needed a nerf ( maybe), but WoG’s baseline value absolutely did not.

They absolutely 110% went about this the wrong way, and they should know better by now.


Not a single warrior nerf, even though they’re owning in the Arena.

Typical Blizzard

Nerf WoG, but give us something in return. We have nothing for damage mitigation.

At least make it so Eye for an Eye is a full damage reduction, instead of just physical damage.


It was honestly something that we all saw coming and had to be done. Ret will be ok

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As a Holy Paladin I don’t find this nerf to be a huge deal. DF will be less reliable but it’s hardly the only healing we do. I can live with this.

Most likely Ret will be fine, we will see; just sucks they nerfed the spell and not the talent.

If they didn’t nerf the wrong thing I might agree with you, but they nerfed the wrong thing, as I already explained above… WoG’s base value was not remotely a problem, only the Healing Hands talent could possibly be in need of nerfing.

This wasn’t a cry for help as it was a shot at blizzard for still not knowing how to fix paladins after closing in on 2 decades of problems. They keep buffing and nerfing abilities without addressing any real problems. These issues cant be fixed by just adding or taking a percentage of something.

This literally happens every expansion. Paladins are strong because they have to tune us up to mitigate our severe lack of basic dps class necessities. Then everyone complains because they can’t kill us. Blizzard nerfs us into the ground and we are worthless for the last 85% of the expansion.

They want to make paladins this super flavor meme class and it fails every time.

This will not be the last nerf for paladins, mark my words. In another month or two we will get smashed again. No solutions. Just more nerfs.


That is true, and it’ll probs be nerfed later on, But for now, because it wasn’t nerfed, that’s really good.

In that case, I would say that what also needs to be done is nerfing your crit strike rating, because anyone that’s able to crit reliably for 12k+ is WAAAAYYYYY OP’d. That also needs to be done for “fairness sake”.

It’ll probably heal these levels again maybe at the end of next season or in 2 seasons from now after getting more main stat and vers to amplify healing output. Just means right now WoG isn’t a full heal with wings and more so enough healing to give your healer time to get out of CC and heal.


I read the nerfs, and was not remotely deterred from playing this guy. I have yet to do any BGs (not a fan of unbalanced leveling BGs), but I have full healed myself several times from 20-30% with WoG while questing, and I had no doubt in my mind it would get nerfed.

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