PALADIN BUG - Reckoning and redoubt need to be 400ms spell batching like 2006 seal twisting (not 10ms)

Left is 2006 400ms/Right is 2021 10ms

Paladins wanted the game to work like 2006 and we expect reckoning to be set at 400ms with it’s own 2006 batching using new 2021 batching.

Problem: Reckoning is working on 10ms
Solution: Reckoning should work on 400ms

The way to fix this is to give the talent reckoning its own specific spell batching like blizzard did with seal twists.

3 self crits of reckoning and redoubt in 12 seconds in original 2006 classic 400ms batching is what we should have, exactly like on the left.

Not 3 self crits in 269 seconds at 10ms in the 2021 10ms video on the right…

10ms gives paladins almost no window of opportunity to proc self crits with reckoning. 10ms is not blizzlike at 400ms. Reckoning only gets nerfed in TBC. This is an insult to paladins who play classic for that spell in PvP. Without that spell working classic is dead for paladins. As Esfand admits it’s bugged.

Both the 2006 videos were merged into one video on the left.

This needs fixing for Season of Mastery Look how many times reckoning in original classic was able to proc in a short amount of time compared to 10ms reckoning we have now.

Why nerf reckoning to 10ms when we have a seal of command to seal of righteousness seal twisting that shouldn’t even exist? We are given a specific spell batching for seal twisting but Seal of command to Seal of righteousness Never existed in 2006, only seal of command and justice, light, wisdom or the crusader yet we have righteousness now.

At least remove righteousness seal twists and add reckoning it’s own spell batching to imitate 2006 reckoning procs.

Reckoning procs were proccing perfectly prior to the hand of justice macro nerf. Blizzard we know you can separate the hand of justice from reckoning with its own reckoning specific spell batching. Please fix it for Seasons of Mastery. Reckoning was working fine all the way in 2019 until hand of justice was nerfed because of this macro.

The very thing that ruined and caused reckoning to be nerfed. I noticed after this was changed reckoning was also ruined. It isn’t fair. It’s not the trinket and reckoning benefits spell batching.

If that one macro for the hand of justice never existed, reckoning would still be working as of today fine.

The fix: It hasn’t been separated from reckoning and the only way to fix this redoubt/Reckoning problem so it’s identical to original 2006 classic is to give reckoning and redoubt the exact same treatment you have seal twisting so it can be used at 400ms and not 10ms.

After all of those hits with all of the mobs on the right side of the video in 2021 classic we are getting only 3 redoubt procs or reckoning crits from forced sits. This is a joke. Forced sits were not bugs and were used and worked in classic. Saying they are a bug is like saying seal twisting is a bug and shouldn’t exist. Both worked through spell batching and need spell batching to work.

On the left side 2006 classic you can see how much more procs proc in such a short period of time.

We love you Blizzard and hope you fix reckoning and redoubt by adding a 400ms for them specifically and not every spell. It took over 4.5 minutes of the 2021 (right sided) video to get 3 self crits and in the 2006 classic (left side) it took a paladin with 1 spider mob 12 seconds to get 3 procs of redoubt/Reckoning self crits What does that say?

Also a crit in the right side 2021 video happened at 0 seconds? Smallhead said? Even if it happened we don’t include it?

Why? Because the first self crit in both videos start at almost thesame time 30-34 seconds

At 0:30 seconds in first crit in 2006 At 0:34 seconds is first crit in 2021

He has literally timed the 2021 and 2006 first crit charges so close together so both paladins get the first crit at 30-34 seconds in each of their videos 2006 classic (left side) 30 to 42 seconds and 3 self crits

So it’s 3 charges in 12 seconds at 400ms 2021 classic (right side) 34 to 303 seconds gave 3 self crits

So it’s 3 charges in 269 seconds at 10ms If this isn’t fixed then reckoning is not working as intended since it is depowered compared in 2006. In other words you’ve triple nerfed it in classic. And we all know reckoning wasnt triple nerfed until TBC.

Please reply blizzard :frowning: Thank you

2006 sources used

Blizzard you have in the not a bug blue post

  • Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.

Yet these 2 videos prove the spell batching while /sit to sit allows us to get reckoning charges baxk in 2006. So it clearly should be fixed.

Left side of video is original 2006 Classic WoW/Right side of video is 2021 1.13.7 Classic WoW
Left side of video 0:30/Right side of video 0:00 redoubt (click more to read for reckoning/redoubt)
Left side of video 0:34/Right side of video 0:34 redoubt (34.5 seconds right side)
Left side of video 0:42/Right side of video 2:04 redoubt
Left side of video 0:52/Right side of video 5:03 redoubt

Left side of video 2:40 was first charge
Left side of video 2:56 was second charge
Left side of video 2:58 was third charge
Left side of video 3:00 was fourth final charge

Starting at 2nd charge
Left side of video 4:09
Left side of video 4:12
Left side of video 4:14

5 mobs against 1 mob in first part
5 mobs against against 2 mobs in the second part
Final part of the right video is a test to see if it procced on one mob compared to the spider mob

If you wanted it to be nerfed you should of done it earlier. I’m sorry but I think it shouldn’t be nerfed. I Think 10ms batching should remain for other spells like crowd controls. It’s because getting two shadowbolts in one charm is far more overpowered than stacking reckoning bomb from an npc. We have shamans double critting 2k for 4k. And we have to stack from an npc to hit 4k.


Yeah lets spend time making changes to a spec that is hardely every gonna be used in raid and will still be terrible after the changes.

Go away rets.

Wait… you mean that ret is still terrible?


Ret > most things.

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If you mean things that are bad, sure.

So they’re giving us seal twists from seal of command to seal of righteousness which NEVER EXISTED yet they won’t give us a true to 2006 reckoning? Get out of here. Blizzard should remove seal of righteousness seal twists and add this because it is more true to vanilla. And the funny part is this was already WORKING in 2019 and 2020 before the 400ms to 10ms spell batching. It’s not like they are giving us something we didn’t have. 10ms is the main reason reckoning is bugged. Even Esfand agrees.


Hand of justice is a trinket and reckoning has nothing to do with it. They should stop the hand of justice nerf affecting reckoning.


Originally the 2006 talent reckoning always worked with 2006 400ms spell batching. That’s how it originally worked. By making it work with 10ms is a mega nerf to depower an already depowered class and not true to original 2006 classic. As you can see in these 2006 videos below. We should be allowed to proc sit to stand crits like how they were intended.

Not one but two videos as evidence Blizzard :frowning:


It was specifically known you can gank people regularly using reckoning bomb
Now its impossible with 10ms. Reckoning should have a 400ms batching like seal twisting

Also why would there be a 5 step process in the how to be a gankadin video telling you to charge up if it was impossible with 10ms?

Even this video states in words sitzen means sit

5 crits + Sitzen = 5 in 1 hit crit hit

You are kidding yourselves if you are making it impossible for paladins to use /sit to stand with reckoning. It was always possible in classic and that video is 14 august 2006. 8 days before 1.12.

Why else would there be sitzen + 5 crits ?


Isn’t reckoning bombs kind of op?
It doesn’t surprise me it was fixed. It was never intended

Imagine thinking this is “intended” to work this way LMAO


It took me quite a few posts to realize this guy is serious.


muh esoteric ret bug


this is just an alt i don’t play anymore dude. but keep on ragin’

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Post deleted by author.

No but seriously… bring reck bombs back so I can watch payo get 1shot then cry like a giant manchild

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do you retties seriously think it’s ok to /sit in combat to trigger your talent? lol. that’s not ok. /sit is not a combat skill.


Just make it tbc version reckoning . Ez

Clearly the bug was the way reckoning previously worked


That was software limitatons.
It wasn’t introduced because you were intended to charge reckoning stacks by a macro.


I have no idea why anyone would want to play with this gimmick, anyway. Just cast your seal, judge, refresh and beat on things.