Painbreak Psalm + Death and Madness SP Bug

Shadow Priest legendary Painbreak Psalm not interacting correctly with talent Death and Madness. When an enemy dies within 7 sec of casting SW: Death, the cooldown is not resetting as it should.

I recently crafted my first Shadow Priest legendary, Painbreaker Psalm, which has the following effect.

Equip: Shadow Word: Death consumes 8 sec of Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch, instantly dealing that damage to the target and generating up to 20 insanity. "

I use the talent Death and Madness:

“If a target dies within 7 sec after being struck by your Shadow Word: Death, you gain 40 Insanity over 4 sec and the cooldown of your Shadow Word: Death is reset.”

The cooldown of Shadow Word: Death is not resetting since I equipped this legendary, but it should be. Please help.

See: Priest: Death and Madness / Painbreaker Psalm

Looks like they changed the Anima Power version of Painbreaker Psalm. Now they both interact badly with Death and Madness. That and now the Anima Cell version of PainBreaker Psalm no longer benefits from the <20% health damage multiplier.