Paid for subscription but no gametime


Hi I paid for subscription about an hour ago on my visa and I have been charged but my account is still inactive? Just checking whats gone wrong if anyone could get back to me.


(Kyzera) #2

What does it show when you look at your transaction history here?

If you need assistance from Blizzard, you will need to contact Billing.


Hi, it doesnt show in the history only received bank charge.

(Kyzera) #4

It is possible that what you are seeing on your end is still a pending charge.

If it had been a successful charge, it should have shown up on the transaction history here.


Yep it’s a pending charge called my bank and said it’s not on there end.

(Kyzera) #6

Were you able to get into touch with Blizzard about it?


You may want to reach out again to Billing. I’m seeing the last attempt at a sub failed and we recently gave you just a bit of time - I’m presuming from your last contact.


Sixgodd, did you get it resolved? I did the 6 month subscription about the same time as you and have the same problem. The money has come out of my account, Not pending, yet there is no transaction in the history, nor is there game time. So would be really interested to know if you got it resolved.

(Rufflebottom) #9

The same advice would apply to you.