Paid Character Transfers

So in the new Patch they introduced the Ground Work for Paid Character Transfers Which I think is a Positive since Paid Character Transfers were a thing in Actual Classic not sure why so many “NoChanges” people were Upset over it it’s almost like they never actually played Classic.

Close reading, my friend. Close reading.

Yeah Close reading as in They introduced the Ground Work not added it into the game yet nice try 4/10.

Wonder if it will be same rules as back in vanilla? No PvE to PvP servers and I think 6 month CD?

I’d enjoy if it had those Rules honestly PvP->PvP PvP->PvE PvE->PvE PvE-x->PvP and the cooldown would be cool.

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How many exactly? I don’t recall too many #Nochangers posting against server transfers.


A lot of people in the Game in General or World also in some Discords were upset over it even though it was in Classic.

Specifically #NoChangers? How could you tell?


Cause they said #NoChanges while doing it.

Can’t wait until they introduce paid transfers.

I honestly would not mind if they just let people transfer for like a week and that’s it cause that would be enough time for most people to transfer the character they really want like a one time transfer opportunity.