Paid Character Transfers and Locked Servers

Can we get some type of update? The destination server I have in mind hasn’t had queue problems in months. The economy is big enough that it would take a MASSIVE influx to even dent it. Is there a fear about AQ Gate events/carapace fragments???

There hasn’t been an update from the Blizzard team since end of May and there are thousands of us hoping for an answer. Throw us a crumb please.

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I’d like to see an update on this too.

The issue is, the minute they open the paid transfers, all the half decent servers are gonna die.

Like sulfuras. Perfect server. You open or allow paid transfers, you can be sure its dead within the week. They gonna have to layer it. They cant offer free transfers off it, because if a big guild opts to move the waterfall effect will happen and you will end up with another incendius situation.

You also can be sure that already layered realms gonna suffer. Faerlina etc. They are already layered (and they should not be, and the devs claimed at the start of classic, they had the plan to remove layering as early as possible). If you add more ppl you will never be able to get rid of the layers, and all the transfer kids want on either the layered realms or the very high populated one short 500 ppl of being layered.

Its phase 5 and we still have layered realms and by opening up the locked servers (locked for transfer) the player base will just destroy these servers for good. If you want to play there roll a fresh toon. Either live with the realm you rolled your alt on or abandon it and start fresh on the server you want.

Nothing good will come of opening the locked realms.

The servers will remain locked until the population declines so that they are no longer full, or close to full.

If blizzard is smart, all of the current locked servers will stay locked for the foreseeable future. For the health of those servers, and others as well.

We do not need to create more skerams, stalaggs and heartseekers.

I’m not trying to argue issues and I agree with most of what you said. I also believe there are (alternative) solutions. One of which you mentioned was rolling fresh, which I did and am very happy with my decision.

I’m just asking for some type of update because I have a toon with 40+ days played stuck on a DEAD server. I’m happy to transfer him, even if it’s not the one I rerolled too. I am not happy with the prospect of transferring then dealing with this.

Hell they could even quote your exact post and add the fancy blue text. Just give us some type of update… it’s been almost 3 months!!!

Do yourself a favor, and just assume that they won’t open before the populations decline enough that they are no longer overloaded.

There are a lot of servers you can transfer to and not all of them are dead. Why must you go to a locked server?

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dont listen to acherus is literally a forum troll

Why the random ad hominem? Many people who play on locked servers don’t want the transfers opened. I post from my alliance character on Deviate Delight, but I have a max level toon on grob horde too, and I really really want the transfers to remain closed there. Unfettered transfers were really bad for both faction balance and the RP environment on the server.

Now if Blizzard were to say, ok we’ll open transfers but only to the minority faction, that would be better, but I still wouldn’t be happy about it because transfers tend to be less respectful towards the RP community, but that’s an issue that’s particular to RP servers, and in this case grob because it’s the only RP server that’s locked.

No, I am a forum Undead. Silly night elf.

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awww bummer, I was going to respond to that from my troll but for some reason none of my classic characters show up when I choose the change character screen today…Blizzard???

None of these responses make sense unless they close character creation completely. I missed the Incendius migration with a lot of people I played with and would like to catch up with them on Earthfury which doesn’t look like it’s doing god awful. One of two things happen in my situation…I create a character there or stop playing and unsub. If I create a character nothing changes from if I move my current main there to play with them, and if I quit playing and unsub I’d guess that was a net loss…no matter how insignificant.